What is the One Funnel Away Challenge And Why Should I Care?

Are you up to the challenge for online marketing's best bootcamp?

Ok, so let’s back up a second.

What exactly is the one Funnel Away Challenge, and why should you care?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the ultimate learning lab for putting all the pieces of a sales funnel together with expert guidance.

It’s a course, but it’s no ordinary training.

It’s deep. Like seriously deep.

It covers everything you need to learn about to create your first funnel. I started my first sales funnel using this course, and it was an incredible experience, but more on that later.

Russell and his team cover everything you need to know, from collecting product ideas to figuring out what pages you need and how to create your hook and story that, when done right, will have your target market drooling for your solution.

It’s a complete immersion into putting in to practice the principles of online marketing and a perfect first step for getting your feet wet.

But it’s not a magic bullet.

Let’s be brutally honest for a minute, shall we?

This course is a lot of hard work.

If you go into this challenge and think that you’ll just be able to pick up stuff along the way, you just might be fooling yourself.

Will Russell cover how to create hooks and stories?


Will he cover how to do product research?


Will he cover the technical details on how to create your actual pages?

You bet.

But, unless you’re just along for the ride and want to do a high-level overview, you really need to have some kind of exposure to the concepts he’s going to cover in the course because without that exposure it can simply be too much to handle.

You get a lot of great resources, and I’ll talk about that later, but if you want to get the most out of the Challenge you should make every effort to keep up with the homework and be ready to go at each step.

Here are just a few things that you really should have an idea about to make your experience in the challenge successful:

When it comes to products, you have to find an urgent need

This is something where people know their pain-points, they know what not having a solution to this problem is causing in their life, and they’re looking for a solution

You need to know who the people are that have that urgent need

Not only do you need to find this urgent need that needs to be filled you need to know who has these needs and who the target audience is. Even in a best-case scenario you’re going to sending cold traffic to your funnel most likely, so making a meaningful connection to these people is vital to the success of your funnel.

You need to have a way to answer that urgent need

Once you’ve found the urgent need, and you know the people who have it, you have to be able to solve that person’s problem. It doesn’t do any good to know the problem and the target audience without being able to answer it.

You need to be able to get to trust you

Next, you need to build trust, and this is something that takes time. People will never buy from those they don’t know, like, or trust. They have to believe that you are the one who that can answer their questions, solve their problems, and deliver results.

You need to be able to gather the creative assets needed

Such a crucial piece to any online sales funnel or marketing effort is quality copy and content. This means that you are capable of getting the right person, who knows, trusts and likes you excited about your solution to the urgent need they have.

One of the concepts Russell teaches during the course is “who not how”. This means that, instead of trying to figure everything by out yourself, you need to find resources that you can trust to build out the various pieces. He also provides a solution – the “Funnel Rolodex”. The Rolodex is a collection of service providers who can help accelerate the process by taking some of the work off your plate.

And you need to be able to find traffic

Finally, the biggest and most important part of all of this is your ability to get traffic to your new funnel, provided that you’ve nailed all the other steps. Traffic is probably the most important part of all of this because, if you don’t have traffic, nothing else will really matter.

ClickFunnels will give you the software tools, and the rolodex can help you with copywriting and design. But traffic really is the one element that your funnel cannot live without.

Here’s the bottom line:

The One Funnel Away Challenge isn’t just another course that you may not ever even use.

It’s a drink-from-the-firehose immersion into a specific kind of online sales funnel marketing knowledge, that will push you hard to execute the concepts and ideas covered with accountability, and an amazing group teachers who will motivate and inspire you along with a bunch of other newbie funnel-builders pushing you to get the job done.

The biggest problem never really is the knowledge. It’s not the lack of tools. The biggest problem we all face is execution. So if you’re up to the challenge just might change your own life and help a multitude of others change theirs.

If any of this sounds exciting, if it’s intriguing to see if you can handle the challenge, if you’re ready to really push yourself, put yourself to the test and take up the challenge, then jump in and do it.

You can get started with the 30 Day Summit here and sign up for the Challenge in the offer at that link.



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