Secret Online Weapon Revealed: What is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

An introduction to online sales funnels and online marketing

Have you heard about the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Here’s the idea:

Picture this: You’ve lost everything and you’ve got 30 days to start making money to provide for yourself and feed your kids.

What do you do?

So, you take a 30-day window, and completely immerse yourself in to learning everything you can about digital marketing and come out on the other side making money (hopefully!), with a plan, a website, a product and a clear path forward to earning a living online.

Doesn’t that sound intriguing?

If you’ve ever thought of doing business online, starting your own business, starting a side-hustle, or just trying to find a way to earn some extra income by doing something new, then you have to keep reading because you’d be crazy to miss out on what the OFA Challenge can mean for you.

You in?

Ok, great – let’s keep going.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

You’ve heard of Tough Mudder, right?

It’s a completely insane race that’s specifically designed to test your ability to endure some crazy stuff like a plunge into an ice and water-filled pit, electric shocks, climbing greased skate ramps, in addition to other obstacles not the least of which is a distance run.

Sounds like fun, right?

Maybe, maybe not, depending on your idea of fun.

But the point of the challenge is to test yourself, build camaraderie with your teammates, and endure some crazy stuff.

At the end of it, there is no doubt that the feeling of accomplishment is off the charts. You presented yourself with some crazy challenges, fought through crazy obstacles, and came out on the other side better for the experience.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is kind of like that, but without the crazy, wild and painful stuff.

It is, however, a drinking-from-the-fire-hose, complete immersion into the world of online sales funnels, that moves fast with high expectations and a lot work involved.

It’s also super deep in instruction and guidance from the online sales funnel authority where he teaches you everything you need to get start your own online sales funnel.

Over the next couple days I’m going to be covering everything you need to know about the One Funnel Away Challenge and why I think it’s a fantastic exercise in challenging yourself, to get out of your comfort zone, and dial in and work hard on something that will produce results for your life and wallet.

Here’s an index of the other posts on the One Funnel Away Challenge:

To be clear, this is my take and my experience with the One Funnel Away Challenge. My goal here is to tell you about the ups and downs. If you take the challenge your results may vary. Some people have done very well. Some people have struggled. It’s the whole 80/20 thing, you know?

If you join the One Funnel Away Challenge, I’ll make a sales commission, but that’s not the reason I’m doing any of this, nor is it why I recommend doing it. It’s because I think it’s one of the greatest ideas to help people get up to speed and start making money in a meaningful way online that I have seen.

So it’s like this:

I talk to my daughter a lot about striving to be part of the 20% that are successful, that do the hard work, that are willing to do what the other 80% are not.

If you’re ready to take the plunge (no ice and water-filled pits, I promise!), registration for the next One Funnel Away Challenge just a few days away!.

If you’re going to get anything out of this challenge you’re going to have to be part of the 20%. It’s that simple.

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