One Funnel Away Challenge – The Moment It All Came Together

Why I signed up for the One Funnel Away Challenge

Have you heard of the “Matlock moment”?

It’s that moment when you’re watching a show and you see the character who’s been trying to uncover some secret plot suddenly has the light come on for them.

I got the term from the old TV show, “Matlock”, where it seems like this discovery was written into the script of every show. (It almost certainly wasn’t me who came up with it, but that’s at least here it came from.)

I don’t remember a lot, nor have I seen the show that much, but it was notorious for having these grand realizations – the “a ha” moment where everything became crystal clear.

There would be a person testifying on the stand and suddenly  – “A ha! It wasn’t Ms. Scarlett in the library with the pipe wrench! It was really Colonel Mustard in the billiard room with the candlestick!”

Everyone would gasp and Matlock would win the day again.

It’s still around. You can see it everywhere.

It doesn’t matter what kind of show it is; it can be a crime drama(where it’s way too common), a comedy, or just about any other kind of show you can think of.

Paige and I have made something of a game of calling out the Matlock moment when we see it.

We’ve found them on just about every show you can think of – The Walking Dead, Billions (my personal favorite), The Good Place (Eleanor’s moment in season 1 was forking epic!), Homeland, and more.

“Finkle is Einhorn!” has to be one of the greatest laugh-out-loud Matlock moments ever.

So, while the Matlock moment can sometimes be a crutch for a lazy scriptwriter who can’t come up with a better idea to solve their plot problems, those kinds of moments are a real part of living everyday life and sometimes those Matlock moments can change everything.

A more widely known and understood description of those kinds of moments, and the sensations of realizing them, is called the “Eureka effect”.

It’s that sensation you get when everything suddenly becomes super-clear and you can see the whole picture clearly.

And it’s was just that kind of realization that got me hooked on the idea of online sales funnels as a way to do business online.

But it didn’t happen immediately.

Late last summer is when I had my eureka moment. The lights were finally all the way on and bright!

I’m on Russell Brunson’s list so I’m always getting something from him. 

It was late last summer when he was running a series on lead generation and how service providers had been filling their funnels using funnels.

One of those emails about a web designer immediately grabbed my attention.

Cathy Olson, a web & graphic designer, had been very successful filling up her funnel with a relatively simple funnel with a lead magnet and a couple small offers for clients who couldn’t afford her custom design work.

That’s when it happened – that was my eureka moment.

I’d been trying to figure out how I, as a web designer and developer, could use funnels in my business.

It was like all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together and I could finally see what it all looked like for me for the first time.

I first got into this idea about online sales funnels after getting one of Russell Brunson’s first books, DotCom Secrets.

You see, I’d been searching for a way to grow traffic for my projects and I stumbled across that book. I was immediately hooked.

His ideas were inspiring and encouraging. His approach to the challenges I was facing for myself and my clients from a different perspective had my attention so I decided to keep stying and keep learning. I wasn’t all the way on board yet, but I was liking what I was hearing and wanted to learn more.

Then I read Expert Secrets and the light grew a little brighter.

The technology piece was nothing I couldn’t handle. In fact, I’d built custom funnels for clients in the past, but I was never sure how they’d work in my business.

So after spending a lot of time reading and studying everything I could on it, it was finally time to put some of this stuff I learned in to practice.

Then I got another email from Russell, this time about the 30 Day summit.

The timing was perfect too.

Who wouldn’t be able to find value in what successful people who’ve lost everything would do to start over again, with no list, no money, and the only thing they had was their own knowledge?

It was a no-brainer.

Then the opportunity for the training came through and, once again, the timing was perfect.

I finally had an idea that I’d been working on for while that started when I had my first eureka moment. I’d been trying to put the logistics together for how I would build out my funnel, and then here was this opportunity to get 30 days of training from Russell, Julie, and Stephen, and go deeper in to learning about how sales funnels could help my business. It was a no-brainer.

The first One Funnel Away Challenge launched in October 2018 and I was in. 

And it was fantastic!

I learned so much, eventually launched my first funnel, and have had modest, but encouraging success with it.

I was completely blown away when I saw that the stuff I was learning actually worked and produced actual results.


Lots of promise out there and lots of teachers. Lots of plans and methods. Lots of “techniques” and tools.

But I actually saw how the whole picture came together from what I learned from the One Funnel Away Challenge and it actually works.

So I can’t recommend it enough. The One Funnel Away Challenge is legitimately one of those things, that when you do it right, put in the hard work, and follow through, can produce lasting results for your business and your wallet.

It is, without a doubt, the best $100 I’ve spent on my business in the last year and has already long since paid for itself.

featured image via Wikimedia Commons.


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