One Funnel Away Challenge – Updated for 2021

It's been completely updated and is better than ever

Don’t get me wrong.

Having the right tactics is vital.

But it’s not everything.

When it comes to starting a successful online business you need more than just information.

Because if knowledge was all that you really needed then all you’d need is Google to provide the answers.

So what DO you need to start a successful online business?

There are 3 things you need:

  • You need to know the “what”
  • You need to know the “why”
  • You need to know the “how”


You need to know how to apply that to YOUR SPECIFIC situation.

That last sentence right there is what makes all the difference.

You need to know the frameworks that will make you successful, and you need to know how to execute those frameworks yourself.

So here’s the deal:

Russell Brunson is redoing the One Funnel Away Challenge and it starts on Monday.

So if you’re serious about starting your online business in 2021 NOW is the time to act.

And the single best move you can make is to join the One Funnel Away Challenge.


I promise that this will be the best $100 you spend all year.

In fact, I believe in the One Funnel Away Challenge I’ll gonna make you a guarantee:

If you join the One Funnel Away Challenge through my link below, and if by the end of the Challenge you feel like it wasn’t worth your money, I will personally refund your $100.

The only catch is that you have to sign up through my link and show up and do the work, but that’s it. I want you to take enough time to actually see what I’m talking about and see how valuable this training is.

And I’m betting if you do, it will blow your mind and open up a world of possibilities you never dreamed of.

If you do The One Funnel Away Challenge and you decide it wasn’t worth it, just send me an email at the address below, and as long as you signed up through my link, I will personally give you your money back.

How’s that for a guarantee?

There is ZERO RISK for you!

Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge here: https://rbrr.co/ofa

The One Funnel Away Challenge has revolutionized SO MANY lives of people who want to start – or grow – an online business.

So many people have gone from NOTHING to being able to leave their day jobs, building financial independence and more…

People like:

  • Doug Boughton – who used the One Funnel Away Challenge to pay off all his student debt, quit his job and start a life as an online entrepreneur
  • Alex Elliot – who leveraged her experience in the One Funnel Away Challenge to explode onto the scene as one of digital marketing’s most successful and high-profile influencers
  • Alan Dean – who has capitalized on his OFA experience and launched a wildly successful online business and built a huge and thriving community

And those are just a couple examples.

There are numerous other people like Samantha Gooden, Jamie Atkinson, Tony Torres, Kevin and Devan Weis and so many others, not to mention myself. 😉

So what’s stopping you from being next?

It’s time to ACT.

Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge here: https://rbrr.co/ofa

You’ll not only get the hands-on, step-by-step training to launch your first – or next – funnel, I want remove the barriers to success that I ran into the first time through, so that you can complete the Challenge faster and easier.

I’m going to empower you with everything you need to be successful so I’m going to give you some resources if you sign up through my link so you can amplify your success in the Challenge.

You may be thinking, “it’s too much – there’s no way I can do this on my own”!

I felt the same way the first time I did it (you can read that story on my blog) when I went through the Challenge.

But what I found was that there are 3 keys to get the most out of this training as my friend Jaedyn Yu has tee’d up nicely:

  • Content – should go without saying, but the content has to stellar, but also consumable
  • Coaching – having someone take you by the hand and lead you through the Challenge is critical to success!
  • Community – having others that are participating along with you to help you along is absolutely vital

In the One Funnel Away Challenge you get all 3 of those things but really there’s is so much more.

Sometimes – if you’re like me – you need a little more. Not more information – but better resources to help you move faster and get through easier so you can focus on the important stuff.

So that’s why I’m adding in:

  • Coaching
  • Community
  • Accountability

I’m starting a private study group where I’ll be holding weekly Q&A sessions live to help you through the Challenge each week.

Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge here: https://rbrr.co/ofa

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have enough time for all this”!

And I totally get it – learning new stuff sometimes feels like you’re drinking from a fire hose!

That’s why I’m also going to give you the OFA Cheatsheet & Checklist I’m creating.

This checklist has been instrumental for me being able to “chunk” all the information down in to bite-sized pieces to make measurable progress through the Challenge and I’ve been using it to track my progress so I know what I should be achieving each week with milestones.

Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge here: https://rbrr.co/ofa

Now you may be thinking, “I’m not a tech-savvy person how am I supposed to get all this stuff done by myself?”

My first time through I got REALLY slowed down by worrying too much about all the tech that I needed to implement. But I learned from that and I’ll be providing you the secrets that I uncovered to completing the Challenge on time and easily:

  • I’ll be providing all my notes from my own experiences going through the Challenge myself
  • I’ll also be giving you custom-designed shared funnels designed specifically for use with the OFA Challenge only available through me and those who go through the OFA training with me

So if you’re ready to take the next step in getting out of the job you hate…

or you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, needing to find new ways to generate income for your family…

or if you’re finally ready to start the online business you’ve been dreaming about but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet…

It’s time to TAKE ACTION.

Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge here: https://rbrr.co/ofa

Once you’ve joined, forward your receipt email to me at [email protected], I’ll get you added to the list and will follow up with your resources and the call schedule.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

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