One Funnel Away Challenge Week 1 – Offer Week

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 13

One Funnel Away Challenge Week 1

One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to being successful with their online sales funnels is figuring out how to use sales funnels in their business. I know it was a HUGE challenge for me when I was getting started! In this episode I’m talking about Week 1 of the One Funnel Away Challenge which is all about creating offers, offer hacking, and figuring out unique and ingenious ideas for crafting value-rich products and services and how you can use them in your funnels.


Welcome back, everyone. This is Rob Orr and this is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. Today, we’re going to talk about week one of The One Funnel Away Challenge.

One of the big things that I know that I struggled with when I was first trying to get my head around this ideas sales funnels was how do I figure out what I can do for a funnel for my business, for my skills from my background.

I think this is common. It’s one of the things that I see it’s a regular question that comes up with a lot of people in the ClickFunnels community and those that are trying to get themselves into figuring out how to do sales funnels.

It’s a big challenge to try to figure out how you’re going to do it because you sit around and you see how other people are being super successful. You’ll notice that some of the most successful Sales Funnel people are not necessarily talking about all of the different sales funnels that they’re offering.

I think there’s probably some legit reason for that. They don’t want to invite unnecessary competition into their world by telling you what they’re working on.

One of the big things that you’re going to see when it comes to trying to figure out what you can do for your own sales funnel is trying to figure out products and services and things like that, that you can offer in your own sales funnel. This is one of the strengths I think of The One Funnel Away Challenge is this first week which is all about building offers.

Week one is a concept where you are going through in studying other offers that are in your market. This could be and I know it was in my case is you find other people that are doing the same kind of business that you’re doing and you go and offer hack them.

Basically what that means is that you go through their offer, you pull out your credit card. You buy what they’re offering and see the different steps to their funnel, see what their product is and see how they put everything together. I know when I first got started, I’m a web developer.
I didn’t have any idea about what I was going to do, or what I could do to do this to create my own funnel. Kind of by default, I’ve been offer hacking for a really long time.

It was a huge struggle because there weren’t really a lot of web developers in my space that I saw were doing the same kinds of things. I’m trying to find people that are doing offers. This is going back over the last couple years, too.

It’s just trying to find out how are web developers and web designers making their money in sales funnels. Is anybody out there doing that? I’ve seen it for all kinds of different industries. It’s like I said, it’s a common question that people come up with on the ClickFunnels group on Facebook and other places as well.

I would be digging. I would be looking them always since when I first started doing online business, I was always trying to figure out to see what other people are doing and what is working for them, what’s not working and trying to figure those things out. It was really frustrating because at first my biggest challenge was I wasn’t really all that willing to pull out my credit card and start buying things.

I think that’s one of the biggest challenges when it comes to offer hacking is that you have to be willing to pull out your credit card and to make the purchase and see what the product is. It happens.

I was talking to somebody just the other day in the Facebook group on this that they were talking about what they were trying to do for their funnel and they had seen somebody that was in a similar kind of space.

My first question to them was like, “Have you bought their products?” Have you gone through and seen what the product is and what their copy is and what their offer is and what their sales pages look like and all that kind of stuff? And they hadn’t and I think it’s a big challenge.
So Russell mentions that in the training videos during this week that you have to be willing to pull out your credit card and go through the funnel of those that you find that you offer hack that to see how they put it all together.

That doesn’t mean that you have to buy all of their up cells because one of the things that they’re also going to talk about during this week is how to put together an offer and how to put together a value ladder.

We’re not talking about value ladders today per se, but the idea is that you put together an offer that starts with an entry level kind of product that will move somebody up in value to maybe a more robust product or service, maybe a coaching product and then maybe a high ticket item.

It could be any number of steps to a value ladder. That’s not what the discussion today is about, but the point of this week of week one of The One Funnel Away Challenge is to figure out the art and science that goes behind and goes into building great offers and building great products.

So one of the things he gives you a resource which is called Plata or Plomo which means silver or lead. It’s a high value resource that he had created for one of his high dollar coaching groups. It talks about how you can do different things.

One of the things that I think is going to be a big challenge for a lot of people during this week is to figure out how to break out of the mold of what you might be thinking for your product.

For me, for the longest time, I never even considered doing physical products. It never even crossed my mind that I would have a book or something like that or something other physical that I would ship out to a customer. I mean, this is the 21st century where everything’s digital, right?

I mean, everything that we want and desire online can be delivered digitally whether it’s a PDF or video series or whatever the case may be. But then I look back and started looking through some of the offers that I’ve purchased specifically from ClickFunnels and then some of the ways that I’ve done things in the past.

If you remember back a couple episodes back, I talked about how when I first got started in web development, I spend a lot of time on buying books on learning programming languages and stuff like that. It was not uncommon for me to have a book wide open on my desk while I was trying to learn how to do the things that I do.

Then it dawned on me, I’m like, “Oh, my God, I can’t believe that why I’m not thinking—” because there are lots of people out there that would love to have a resource like this available where they have something open on their desk that they’re learning from while they got something open on their computer and they’re trying to create something.

So, in my mind, I ended up creating the WordPress Blueprint Book which has just been finished up and I’m going to be sending off to the printer, hopefully today. Then it brought me another idea where I’m like, “Man, we really need to expand on our content blueprint which is also a work in progress.”

Now I’ve got these physical products that are part of my offer. That’s what this week is about is figuring out how you can think outside the box and create different things to build out products and offers.

One of the things that and I’m not sure if it’s this week or if it’s another week, but I think it’s this week, but Russell talks about how he could sell you his own cell phone for $10,000. Then he goes through this whole thing where he’s talking about how he would build the value of that.

He would sell you his iPhone for $10,000 and with that you’re going to get all of his contacts and his address book that has all these famous people. You’re going to get his entire library of amazing audio books, and all of this training that he’s bought.

All these things that would be included in his iPhone that ultimately drive up the value of what it is that you would be paying $10,000 for and so as you’re working through this week when it comes to building out your offers and figuring out your products that’s what this is all about is how can you marshal your own resources to build out offers and create products that are going to drive value and make it a no brainer for anybody who is in your funnel to make that purchase.
You just want them to look at it and go, “Oh, this is such an easy decision for me to make. It’s a no brainer.” You want them to be able to pull the trigger to make that purchase there. That’s what this week is about when it comes to week one for The One Funnel Away Challenge.

It was a really incredible learning experience for me. Like I said, I’ve been through this One Funnel Away Challenge a couple different times. It’s really a very eye opening process because each time I go through it, I’m learning something new.

There’s lots of really, really good stuff in this week. I encourage you, if you’re not in The One Funnel Away Challenge now I challenge you to get involved. There will be a link in the show notes to be able to go and get signed up.

The One Funnel Away Challenge starts every two weeks. There is one that’s going to be starting up. Today is October 2nd so one I believe started this last Monday. There’ll be another one that will start in two weeks from last Monday.

You can hop in and get on this. Like I said, this is a great training for everybody who’s trying to learn how to do business online and sometimes it does take a couple times going through the challenge to figure out how to do this.

One of the great things about the challenge is you’re in a Facebook group, a private Facebook group with lots of other like minded people who are also trying to figure out how to make their way through The One Funnel Away Challenge and try to create their own products and their own services and their own offers so you’re not alone.

There’s a great community that’s surrounding it. That’s what I’ve got for today. I just wanted to kind of introduce you to this idea of how things go with The One Funnel Away Challenge on each of the different weeks and offer week is a great week.
You’re going to learn a ton. I know I learned a ton. It’s been really helpful. I reference back to my notes and things that I learned on that all the time.

Next up, we’ll be talking about week two which is talking about publishing and content creation and those kinds of things. There are a lot of challenges there too, but lots of really good stuff.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time. I’m Rob Orr. This has been The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. We’ll see you next time.

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