One Funnel Away Challenge Week 4 – How to Build Traffic and Funnel Audibles

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 16

One thing that’s true about all sales funnels is that they’re completely useless without traffic. Now that the rest of the work is done – your offer, your story, your page design and your funnel is finally ready to go, it’s time to figure out how to drive traffic to it. The lessons that you’ll learn this week were some of the most challenging when it comes to breaking out of your comfort zone, so prepare to learn some new things and push yourself farther than you’ve been before.

How to build traffic and what to do when your funnel flops

Welcome back, everyone. I’m Rob Orr and this is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. Today, we are talking about the final week of The One Funnel Away Challenge. That is week four.

This is the week where after last week everything came together. This week is about traffic. You have created your store.

You’ve created your product. You’ve created your offer. You’ve built out your pages. Now we are quite or should I say right in the middle of one of the biggest challenges that every website owner faces and that’s traffic.

How are you going to get traffic to this new funnel that you have just created? If you have dabbled in internet marketing even in the smallest way, you will have come across this struggle which is common to all of us. I know, for me, it’s one of the big things that I’ve struggled with over time.

There is a lot of really good information here in week four to help you to get traffic to your funnel. The basic idea is now that you’ve got your funnel done and launch there a couple basic different pads that you have getting traffic. There are three different kinds of traffic.

There is cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic and each of those kinds of traffic have their own qualities for lack of a better term that the message that you send to each of those audiences is going to be a little bit different because perhaps there are different stages of the buying cycle. They are at different levels of exposure to your messaging.

Cold traffic is usually indicative of traffic that you’re trying to win via Facebook ads or something like that. We’ll talk a little bit more about that in a minute. Then warm traffic is traffic that may have been exposed to you and you’re offering your product before but they haven’t necessarily bought.

There may be a little bit on the fence and then hot traffic is maybe an existing customer that has already bought something from you in the past or somebody who is right in the buying cycle ready to pull the trigger because they’ve got an immediate need that needs an immediate solution and you’ve got the solution for them.

Those are the things that you’re going to be learning about in this week for are those three different kinds of traffic. Then there’s also three different sources of traffic. There’s traffic that you own and there’s traffic that you rent.

Then there’s traffic that is not yours and I’m drawing a blank on a name here, but basically the idea is there’s three different ways to get these kinds of traffic. That’s going to be stuff like via Facebook ads. You pay for an advertisement for traffic to your website or to your offer.

You get it that way then there are affiliate relationships. This is where Russell is going to break down this idea of the dream 100. You’re going to break out this concept of trying to generate traffic by working with partners then there’s traffic that you own which is your list essentially and the organic traffic that comes in through that.

The training that you’re going to get this week is all about the various different kinds of traffic that you have available to you and what you can do to maximize those opportunities to get traffic into your funnel.

For me, it’s funny because this has been my struggle for a long time. I have dabbled in SEO and organic and paid advertising. This has been when it comes to my funnels has been my biggest struggle.

I’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook ads. I’ve learned a lot about what not to do. I’ve learned a good bit also about what to do, but it’s a challenge, man. It’s really hard to get traffic and it’s frustrating.

When it comes to doing business online, this is probably going to be one of the biggest sources of frustration for new online entrepreneurs across the board because it’s really, really challenging to get good traffic because when it comes to getting traffic you want to have the right kinds of traffic coming in so meaning that you want to be attracting people that are in your target market.

There’s the four golden rules of keyword research that the market samurai guys taught me so many years ago. There has to be acceptable levels of traffic for given keyword that there is acceptable levels of competition for particular keyword that there’s relevance for the keyword.

There is buying intent for a keyword. These four qualities are also qualities that we can be looking for in our funnel traffic. It’s a challenge because sometimes you can get traffic, but it doesn’t convert or sometimes you are competing in a niche that got a lot of competition so it’s hard to break through all of the competitive noise out there.

Russell does talk a lot about this at expert secrets and I would definitely recommend checking that out. Traffic is a big challenge. The good thing is you’re going to get a lot of tools and resources in week four for how you can work on your funnel and start building traffic to it.

One of the other things in week four that is so huge is that once you actually do start getting traffic into your funnel is the concept of funnel audible and funnel benchmarks. The idea behind that is there’s some numbers that are— what’s the word I’m looking for benchmarks.

They are benchmarks for some number or benchmarks for certain performance indicators for the various steps of your funnel. I’m stumbling through my words this morning as you can see and I’m sorry about that. There are targets that you should be shooting for like there’s a number that is a general accepted range for what your opt- in page should convert at.

There’s a number that is in the acceptable range for how your sales page should convert and your order bump and your one time offer. All of these should be numbers that you should be hitting with your funnel. So if you’re not hitting those numbers then you go into what’s called the funnel audible.

That’s where you start making tweaks and adjustments to your messaging maybe adjustments to your offer those kinds of things to get people into your funnel and get it to performing the way that you want it to perform.

Ultimately, start making some revenue for it and providing solutions to people who are looking for answers to their questions. That is what we’re covering in week four. Like I said, there’s lots of really good resources.

Russell goes over the dream 100 concept for trying to build an audience and not going to lie that’s kind of a challenging exercise there for what you want to do. It can be a lot of work, but I think also that it can be relevant.

This also goes back to a few episodes back I talked about getting the Ultimate Guide to getting absolutely anything you want was the book that I read. The concept was that you’re willing to do absolutely whatever it takes in any circumstance to get the results that you’re looking for. This dream 100 is definitely one of those things that can push you outside of your comfort zone. I know it does for me.

It can be one of those things that’s really challenging for trying to figure out ways to apply that to your own business. That’s The One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s a drink from the firehose kind of in your face challenge.

I just did a video on this on my YouTube channel and you go over there and see that if you like where I talked about and show you the membership dashboard and all of the various things that you get as part of The One Funnel Away Challenge, but like I said this is something that I think that new online entrepreneurs really need to get involved with.

I think you need to participate in the channel or participate in the challenge. You need to join the mission kind of like the old Mission Impossible theme is that here’s your mission should you decide to accept it. That’s what the whole theme and the mission or The One Funnel Away Challenge anyway. It’s an incredibly valuable tool that will help you ramp up what you need to know about doing online marketing in 2019 and starting a business online.

That’s all I’ve got for that real quick I’ve got an update. I’ve ordered the first proof copy of the WordPress blueprint book. I’m super excited about that.

Hopefully that will be here in the next few days and then that’s going to be the next part of my funnel is getting that book integrated into my funnel and start getting that out there and you will be able to get a copy of that very, very soon. That’s all I’ve got for today.

Next time we will be covering more stuff on getting the online marketing and digital marketing stuff going. This is Rob Orr. This has been The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. Until then, we’ll see you next time.

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