Personalized Attention: The Secret Key To All Great Offers

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 83

I’ve been laying low for a bit, but that changed today. I had some time and wanted to get back on track with talking with you all about what’s going on and what I’m working on.

One thing I’ve learned lately is the importance of paying attention to detail when you’re working on your offer. Today I’m talking about how personalized attention is the key to all great offers and how you can put together a plan for your customers to keep going deeper with you.


Hello and welcome back once again to Adventures in Digital Marketing. This is my podcast where I am talking about all things digital marketing, documenting what I’m doing, what I’m working on and everything that’s going on. It’s been a while since I’ve recorded an episode, if you haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention. The entire world has been shut down by Coronavirus and everybody’s working from home.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I know that that has been very profoundly disruptive to my own personal life. I’m working from home now exclusively. My day gig has sent everybody home.

We’ve been doing this for I want to say 20 to 23 weeks now. It’s been a while obviously, since I’ve recorded this, but that’s not to say that there haven’t been episodes that haven’t been coming out on the podcast.

Because I’ve also been sharing with you guys the stuff that we’re doing on YouTube with a Quick Tip Tuesday podcast and some of the other stuff. One of the things that I’ve started recently has been a new project for my private Facebook group. It’s called Office Hours.

Basically, what I’m doing with that is bringing in experts from other fields, but people that are doing great things really and helping them and helping others to build their digital marketing business and talk about those things.

The first episode, you probably have heard by now was with Rena, and we talked about eCommerce and I’m actually going to have her back on because we’re going to talk about e commerce funnels here in a short bit, but then I also had on last week, where we talked about offers.

That’s kind of where I wanted to camp out today. Because a lot of times when it comes to building offers just think about it in terms of products. We think about, I need to be able to sell a product for an amount and hopefully I’ll make some money online. At least that’s the conversations that I see and that I’m a part of, in most instances where I’m hearing from people online, in my inbox or in some of the groups that I’m participating in. That’s where their struggles are.

I wanted to talk about this a little bit. We talked about that in our interview last week in office hours with Steph. I definitely want to recommend that you go check that out. It will be here on the podcast as well. You’ll be able to come back and check that out.

I want to talk about how to assemble an offer. It really boils down to this. An offer basically give somebody an on ramp to how deep they want to be able to go with you to be able to achieve the result that you’re going to help them achieve.

What I mean by that is this is, a lot of times we start out when we’re trying to convert cold traffic. We’re trying to attract people with a lead magnet. We dangled a freebie out there or one of the things that have been really popular lately has been doing a five day challenge recently where you are getting people into a group and everybody is on a mission to create a specific kind of results over the course of five days. That’s another one.

Another way to try to convert cold traffic is webinars. You teach a certain tactic or you teach us how to, or something like. All that to say there’s a variety of different ways that people can enter your world because we want to bring people in our world, really where the most value comes though for your customer is the value that comes from the level of personal attention that they get from you to be able to implement things that you are specifically able to help them with.

What I mean by that is this, for instance, here’s a great example. You go to buy a book. The example that’s been running around for the last several months is that Russell Brunson just launched the Traffic Secrets book which came out last May.

If you don’t have that, by the way, go get it. You definitely need that book. He talks about how to generate traffic, but Russell also then teach you about how to build your sales funnel. Then he also teaches you how to write copy with funnel scripts.

Then there are various different levels then you can go into a group coaching program with Russell and his team at a certain dollar amount per month. Then you can upgrade to a more exclusive, more personalized attention group at another level where it becomes exceedingly expensive. What I wanted to point out to you guys today is this.

The idea is that, what is the big result that you can deliver for your customers? What is your perfect idea? If you had it, and you could do it all yourself, what would be that solution? That becomes your core offer.

Not everybody’s going to be able to afford to be able to pay you for that offers. What are some levels below that, that you can do for them that will help them along to help them to build their income to be able to pay, to be able to get them more personalized attention. It works the same way in my world as well.

For instance, I get a web design project and we charge $10, $15, $25,000 to do a fully custom web development project for somebody, but not everybody can afford that so what do we do? We offer different things at different price points that are able to meet people where they’re at so that they can start to work on making the progress towards the goal that they want to achieve. The goal ultimately is a successful business.

Your free lead magnet is going to be something that’s going to be enticing to your dream customer. Then up that, that people that sign up for your lead magnet, a certain subset of that is going to be ready to move to the next level. That’s where you have like a tripwire product that maybe 7 or 27 or up to like $47.

Then maybe they are ready to go a little bit deeper so you have a 90 day training that they can participate in for $500, or something like that. It really is all about helping people where they’re at on one side of the coin and then you being able to deliver the most attention to them in a personalized way to deliver the most value at the other end.

I hope that helps. It was something that’s been on my mind lately because I think about it in my business. I need help in very specific areas of my business so I can go buy a book, but it’s not the same as getting the author of the book to look at my specific situation and say, “Hey, you should do this or not this.”  That’s where we’re able to deliver the most value in our businesses by being able to give people access to deeper and deeper levels of personal access to us.

Then the same thing happens in our own businesses where we need— there’s only so far that we can go by reading a book, or going through a lead magnet or even a five day challenge. Those five day challenges are bridges to more expensive products that that take you deeper it as more high level of engagement or more intensely personalized service.

Anyway, so think about that for your business. That’s what I’m thinking about for mine. I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff.

I’ll have to catch up with you later on some of those things, but that was what was on my mind today. I get a lot of windshield time right now. How your mind starts to go when you’re riding down the road and things are on your brain.

That’s what I’ve got for you guys. Thank you very much for tuning into this edition of the Adventures in Digital Marketing podcast. I would love to see you be part of my free Facebook group so you can see those interviews when I run those interviews and we do live.

I would love for you to be a part of that, if you go to That’ll take you right through to the group and then you can sign up and join. Anyway, you guys take care. I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday, until next time, bye.

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