Capital Health Plan

Capital Health Plan has a big site, with a big audience, with big needs. Our goal with this one was to update and overall look and feel of the site and completely rework the structure of the content. Built on Drupal 7, with numerous content types, features and functions, we completely reworked the way users find information on the site by directing them to user-focused sections to help them quickly find what they need.

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Drupal

Creative Direction

  • Rob Orr
  • G Williams
  • Erin Pace


  • Rob Orr
  • Mike Reinhart

Helping the different audiences find what they're looking for

There is a lot of information on the site so it was vital that we be able to help users figure out where they need to go to find what they're looking for quickly.

Quick access to valuable resources

They've got a wealth of resources available through their website so we wanted to make sure we had displays that featured them prominently.

Easy to use directories with Google Maps integration

There are a lot of practitioners, facilities, and pharmacies that are available through their plan so we needed to build an easily manageable feature that would allow them to keep them up to date.

Literature, forms, and documents of all kinds

On their old site documents were scattered all over the place and not easy to find. We created a central library where they could keep all their documents and quickly filter for what they were looking for.

Helping users find answers

A new feature in our site was introducing a concise FAQ section to help their users to find easy answers to their questions.

Organized for quick use

We wanted people to be able to quickly scan to find the questions and answers they are looking for so they're broken down in to categories, then each category is displayed in an accordion for easy skimming.

Resources and tools

They provide a lot of services themselves so we wanted to build out a feature where their users could find the services and resources available at each location.

At each of their locations, we needed to be able to display providers that were providing services there. We built out a filtered display of providers at each location.


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