Custom Stix

Jeff came to me with an incredibly unique challenge. His site is an e-commerce site, but it’s not just any e-commerce site. He sells custom-designed drumsticks so we needed to create a site where users could create their own personalized drumsticks, as well as completely customized designs with users adding their own images and text.

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Magento

Creative Direction

  • Rob Orr


  • Rob Orr


Customized Drumsticks

Creating personalized drumsticks

Visitors have the ability to personalize any of the stock design options available.

Full e-commerce store

With a variety of patterns and designs to choose from, site visitors have the ability to pick drumsticks that are the perfect fit.

Completely customizable drumstick designs

Uploading images, adding text, customizing to fit your exact specifications are all features of the design customization features we've built in.


Aleo font preview

Color Palette


Hex #ff6000

Dark Brown

Hex #3b1600


Hex #ffffff

Light Brown

Hex #897d76

Lighter Brown

Hex #b2aaa6