FluoroTechnology is everywhere around us, but so little is known about where it is, what it does, and how it helps. This site was built to communicate the ways that this technology is utilized in everyday life and to provide a wealth of scientific information. Our task was to make this complex topic approachable.

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Creative Direction

  • Rob Orr
  • Indira Prieto


  • Rob Orr
  • Mike Reinhart



Driving engagement and encouraging exploration

Focused on providing a quick introduction to the organization we designed and built out the homepage with the aim of getting visitors to quickly learn what the organization is about, how they help, and how the user can find the information they're looking for and dig deeper in to the site.

Robust sub-categories

The organization has a wealth of literature on their field of expertise so we wanted to make that information accessible with a unique approach to sub-menus and sections so that the user could see how the wealth of resources the organization provides.

Keeping up to date with the latest advances and news

A modest but useful and informative news section was created to keep their audience & community up to date on relevant information and news regarding their industry.


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