Rag Muffins

A simple store with unique gifts, Rag Muffins was in need of a modernized platform from which they could promote their products, and expand their capabilities for doing custom printing. A completely custom design built on WordPress and WooCommerce, we completely rebuilt this site from the ground up.

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  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Creative Direction

  • Rob Orr
  • Ken Reidy


  • Rob Orr
  • Ken Reidy

A variety of products and categories

We built out the store on WooCommerce with the built-in ability to grow and scale with them as the business grows.

Every piece of content can be managed within WordPress

Empowering website owners to be able to manage their site themselves as much as they want to, every image, page, product, category and word is manageable within the WordPress dashboard.

Creating your own custom towel design

As part of the growth of their business, they wanted to be able to extend to their customers the ability to add and create their own custom designs.


Montserrat font preview
Architects Daughter
Architects Daughter font preview

Color Palette


Hex #a6896f

Soft Brown

Hex #ccb7a5


Hex #ffffff

Light Gray

Hex #e6e6e6

Dark Gray

Hex #222222