Togethr is a subscription-box store with a very unique approach. Their focus is on bringing people together with unique gifts and items aimed at building relationships. This site was built on WordPress and WooCommerce with a lot of custom work to create the right features for recurring payments for their subscription options, and more.

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  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Web Design & Development

Creative Direction

  • Rob Orr
  • Maria Corver


  • Rob Orr
  • Ken Reidy

WooCommerce recurring subscription service

Built on WooCommerce, with customization to meet the specific need, it powers the e-commerce features and functions behind the subscription-box service.

Purchasing a gift subscription

Their subscribers also want to be able to give subscriptions as gifts, so we created a checkout to help them do just that.


For the theme and cart we had to create a few specialized tools to get the job done. We used WooCommerce along with some custom-crafted goodness to make sure that the subscription box featured fired the way wanted.

Tips, recommendations, and more

WordPress is the perfect fit with its content creation tools that make adding and managing blog content a snap.


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Abigail Script
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Color Palette

Light pink

Hex #d3a58d

Off White

Hex #e2ddd7


Hex #ffffff

Dark Grey

Hex #2d2d2d