New Project Launch! Fifth Generation Farms

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Fifth Generation Farms is a family farm and country store in Lake City that's doing awesome things. Though they've been farming in North Florida for five generations, the store is new, and they've been cranking away since they opened their doors with awesome, natural products. I expect to see great things happen here for this business.

The focus for their website was to keep things simple, but to capture the family farm feel of their business. Their business focuses on fresh products produced locally, so we wanted the design to reflect a farm feel, to be warm and inviting and highlight these factors.

We've built a section of the site that focus on the cattle farm which is a huge part of their business. We've also featured the local vendors they work with on their products page. Their photographer did great job capturing the essence of their farm and we've implemented these images throughout the site.

WordPress & Genesis

This site was built on WordPress using the Genesis Framework customized to build their theme. We wanted people to be able to quickly find the information their visitors would be looking for. We wanted to highlight their specials too, since that would be a big reason people would visit their site, so we opted for a simple home page featuring a couple different places on the site and implemented the Hello Bar to focus in on the specials.

WordPress is powerful enough to provide for easy content management from the start, and the Genesis theme makes it easy for my client to manage the appearance of their site going forward, and provides them also with some great opportunities for SEO.


Sometimes coming up with the content for your site can be the most challenging part of building a website. In this project it was challenging because so much of their work had been directed to making their store awesome. But once we started digging in and taking a look around we found that they had plenty of great stuff already from their other marketing efforts and we were able to cultivate and mold those materials in to the content we used on the site.


Since we were focusing on keeping things simple we kept our plugin usage to a minimum. Contact Form 7 is a standard that I regularly use for implementing a forms system in WordPress, and we used the Hello Bar as noted before. Otherwise we kept things streamlined by only using some social sharing tools, and implementing the Disqus Comment System to manage comments.

They've done a great job of getting people to sign up for their mailing list so we made sure to connect those things here too, by implementing a mailing list sign-up. We've linked up their Facebook page too, which has been a huge hit and already has almost 600 "likes".

We've got big plans for this site too. You'll have to stay tuned to see what's next for Fifth Generation Farms!

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