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One of the big things that I've been paying more and more attention to over the last year is the information that my website has been sending back to me. I've been studying it intently at Orracle Media and more recently at my niche site projects.

As you know, just having a website isn't enough. You need to know how it's performing, what's working, what's not working, where there are issues, and how it's converting.

But I hated that I had to wait to see what was happening, wondering how accurate the data was, and not really being able to see how visitors really were interacting with my site.

That's all changed now and after several months of working on solutions and testing them out, I'm now ready to share it with you.

I mentioned before that something new was coming and this is it. One of the huge things I've been working on lately (but not the only one) is a new service that I believe will help drastically change the way people look at their websites.

Have you ever sat there, looking at your analytics data, wondering what you're actually looking at and not really knowing?

Have you ever wondered what all that information means, and whether or not it's accurate?

Have you ever wondered how visitors get to your site or what people are doing on your site NOW?

You're not alone!

Now there is an analytics product that you can use to get real-time, actionable, information about how you're website is performing in a way that's easy to understand! Introducing Orracle Analytics – A Premium Website Real-time Website Analytics Service that's reliable, powerful, and easy to use.

I think this will be a game changer for website owners who want their websites to perform!

Try it out for FREE! Get a FULL FEATURED FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL using the coupon code OAFREETRIAL at checkout!

Among the top questions I get from my clients:

  • 'How do I understand all this stuff from Google?' 
  • 'How do I just see the important stuff?'
  • 'I see it, but I don't understand it.' 
  • 'How can I use this to make my website better?'
  • 'Why is Google Analytics so confusing?'

Now you have an analytics product that will easily answer these questions and so many more. Both yearly and monthly subscriptions are available and BOTH come with a two week free trial so you have nothing to lose! 

So what do you get for your money?

  • Real-time data that's accurate
  • Reports on what's working and what's not working
  • Create Goals & Campaigns
  • Heatmaps showing how visitors are interacting with your page
  • On-site Analytics
  • Search terms visitors use to find your site
  • Video Analytics for your website's video content…

…And a TON more! There is enough for both data geeks and new website owners!

Many analytics services cost $30 or more per month but Orracle Analytics starts at just $6.41 per month!

I've learned so much that I have a LONG list of things to improve on my websites.

  • I can easily see all the actions visitors take on my site
  • I can see what they're doing on my site RIGHT NOW
  • I can easily see what search terms people use to find my site
  • I can easily see what my most popular content is

And so much more (I have a LOT of work to do)!

I'm absolutely confident that you will learn a ton of interesting things too or otherwise I wouldn't be offering it. 

It works for ecommerce sites, blogs, and all kinds of websites and will deliver actionable data that you can use.

Test it out – get a FULL FEATURED FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL using the coupon code OAFREETRIAL at checkout

Take it for spin for free and let me know what you think. I'm confident that you'll find it just as useful as I have.