Project Re-Launch – I need Your Help with!

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I'm looking for some feedback and I hope you can help. My friend Justin Lukasavige started a site called, I worked with Justin to build the site originally. He has since moved on to other projects, and I've  bought the site from him. I'm working on getting it relaunched and want to get some feedback from any of the folks here that may have been members, as well as those who might be interested in such a site.

The goal behind the site is to provide topics, tips, & tools for your blog/website in three separate emails delivered straight to your inbox each week. I know as a member myself, I found a bunch of great stuff there in the time that Justin was sending out those emails and I wanted to get your feedback on what worked, what you think could be improved, and anything you'd like to see. It was already great, but I'd like to find ways to make it better.

So let me know what you think!

If you were a member, what did you like most? What was your favorite feature?

If you weren't a member, what would you like to see?

A couple things I want to do:

  • Include a weekly SEO tip/update – There is so much that has changed over the last year, and what worked last summer in SEO may not work now.
  • Real places to build backlinks – This is kind of related to the first one, but I think it deserves its own mention. Backlinks are a huge deal. 
  • Community forum where members can help spur each other on to get the most from their sites and discuss tips, topics, & tools.
  • And more….

Of course these ideas would be in addition to the existing things that are already in place. My goal is to build on what Justin started and make it an awesome and easy to use resource.

Jump in the comments below, and let me know what you think.