Here is a collection of some of my favorite projects. From small sites to large, these are some examples of my best work.

Capital Health Plan

Capital Health Plan has a big site, with a big audience, with big needs. Our goal with this one was to update and overall look and feel of the site and completely rework the structure of the content. Built on Drupal 7, with numerous content types, features and functions, we completely reworked the way users find information on the site by directing them to user-focused sections to help them quickly find what they need.

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Rag Muffins

A simple store with unique gifts, Rag Muffins was in need of a modernized platform from which they could promote their products, and expand their capabilities for doing custom printing. A completely custom design built on WordPress and WooCommerce, we completely rebuilt this site from the ground up.

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The Lions Pride

The Lions Pride is no ordinary coach’s blog. We’ve built a learning management system, and membership site personalized to each member, membership level, with ClickFunnels integration along with several funnels, custom podcast display, and more.

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Custom Stix

Jeff came to me with an incredibly unique challenge. His site is an e-commerce site, but it’s not just any e-commerce site. He sells custom-designed drumsticks so we needed to create a site where users could create their own personalized drumsticks, as well as completely customized designs with users adding their own images and text.

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Togethr is a subscription-box store with a very unique approach. Their focus is on bringing people together with unique gifts and items aimed at building relationships. This site was built on WordPress and WooCommerce with a lot of custom work to create the right features for recurring payments for their subscription options, and more.

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Water and Health

Water and Health is a news and information blog-style site with tons of expert content. Our task was to combine four different but related sites into one. Hundreds of posts, numerous categories, and all their associated media, needed to be molded into one cohesive site and I think it turned out pretty well.

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FluoroTechnology is everywhere around us, but so little is known about where it is, what it does, and how it helps. This site was built to communicate the ways that this technology is utilized in everyday life and to provide a wealth of scientific information. Our task was to make this complex topic approachable.

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Awards4U is a leader in recognition and promotional products, producing awards to recognize and honor the achievements of outstanding individuals, and organizations. We wanted to capture the breadth of their services without overwhelming visitors with too much information, so we built this new site for them to maximize the ability for users to quickly find what they were looking for.

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Gabor Agency

Gabor is a fantastic company who does a fantastic job of helping with university and college employees plan their financial futures. They’d long since outgrown their old site and their branding as a whole needed to be updated so we rebuilt it all from the bottom up.

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Florida Network

The Florida Network of Youth & Family Services is a non-profit organization that works to help youth and families in crisis. They needed an update to their site that did a better job of representing their mission, highlighting ways people could get urgent help, and demonstrate the results of their work. We built this one on WordPress with lots of custom functionality to manage and display their various types of content so that it would be a valuable resource to families in crisis and their stakeholders as well.

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Sachs Media

Sachs Media Group is a pillar of the communications community with a reputation for excellence, quality, and professionalism that rivals any in the market. We needed to build a new site to reflect the look and feel and fast-paced nature of the work we do there and update and let the visuals speak about the capabilities and talents of this great organization.

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Champions is an organization that focuses on health and wellness for kids by applying the principles of sports training and encouraging life-long healthy habits. We needed to build in some new features to help them not only get their message out, but to help with training their coaches by communicating the requirements and standards they’re promoting.

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Moms Against Cooties

Moms Against Cooties is very popular blog site with lots of very popular content that was in need of a complete design overhaul. Built on WordPress, we wanted to give this popular site the modern look and feel it deserved and keep the traffic coming in for their popular articles.

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The Onyx site needed to be elegant and simple, but powerful and fast. Built on top of Drupal 7 and using Drupal Commerce to create a multi-user content managed site with a blog that was easy for content managers to work with along with a powerhouse e-commerce system built with Drupal Commerce to make keeping the ongoing site management streamlined and efficient.

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