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So, I got this question regarding timing recently:

Hi Rob, I’m not sure when the appropriate time for me to get a site up because I don’t have every little detail figured out. I’m a new coach and focusing on taking people through a process of transformation. I know this is very vague…. I am kind of new at this. Thoughts?

The best time to get started is before you need it.

You see, there are a lot of challenges you’re going to have when you’re trying to start a new business.

Or a new blog.

Or new – whatever.

For instance, when you’re starting a new business, you need to be putting together a plan, figuring out your target market, who your audience is and where they hang out, what the name of your business is going to be, what the domain name is that you’re going to use, and – wait

for it – what content you need to have on your website.

Makes sense, right?

So, it’s clear – getting started is challenging.

I know myself – it takes all kinds of sweat equity, hard work, and grinding, just to get the wheels to start turning.

And we’re not even talking about getting the wheels turning – we’re just talking about breaking the force of gravity that is currently keeping us in place.

Check this out:

In the 60s NASA was working hard on sending a man to the moon. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, or read about it in school. (I’ve always been a space program geek. Growing up in Central Florida I used to be able to watch the Space Shuttles launch and roar through the sky just by standing in my yard. The night launches were spectacular, but I digress…..)

The project was named Apollo, and it was all the rage — everyone was talking about (or at least so I’ve been told – I’m not that old!)

The mission was powered by the brightest minds on the planet. Rocket scientists — literally.

And it took “rocket science” to get these massive rockets off the launch pad.

In fact, more energy was spent just trying to break the gravitational pull of the earth and just get the rocket to move, than would be used after the rocket was in the air for the first moments of travel, and into space as they traveled to the moon.

Amazing, right?

Those giant rocket ships were heavy, loaded down with fuel, and HUGE.

It took a ton of energy just to get them to lift off the ground.

After a couple minutes the rocket would start to gain speed and eventually get moving so fast that it would break the bonds of earth’s gravitational hold and – literally – rocket off into space.

Getting started with something new can be the same – whether it’s a new coaching business or something else.

It takes a lot of learning, planning, and hard work to get your business idea going. Eventually, you’ll break free and start to gain some momentum, but why add extra weight by doing your website yourself?

Why would you wait when you have a ton of other things to worry about to start your website? Why not get some help to do it?

There are some things that you have to do. You have to build your blueprint for what you want your business to do.

You have to figure out your own voice and how you connect with your target market.

You have to wrestle with the details of pricing, promotions, marketing, and more.

You DON’T have to do your own website.

Why struggle through building your own website when I can help?

WPLaunch is specifically designed to help YOU get up to speed with a professional-quality WordPress fast, and efficiently, with all the tools you need:

  • Professional hosting – We provide every WPLaunch customer with our hosting service. Liquid Web, one of the top names in quality web hosting, is our vendor. The service we used was purchased by Liquid Web from Rackspace and I’ve been working with them for several years now. It’s a high-quality service that I was a customer of long before I provided it for my customers and clients. 
  • Theme is provided – you have your pick of high-quality themes to choose from as part of our service. Don’t want to use one of those? No problem – we will install and configure any theme you might have already purchased. We also have a handful of our own custom designed themes that have been designed and will be available soon.
  • Professional WordPress installation and configuration – we install and configure WordPress from top to bottom with everything configured that our customers need to get going.
  • A specially selected collection of plugins – We’ve found that many new WordPress sites have similar needs, so we’ve hand-picked a set of plugins that we use on every new WordPress site, including Pro premium plugins. You can see what we include here
  • Easy-to-use analytics – we provide website analytics so that tracking website traffic is easy to understand and work with on all sites.
  • Secure Offsite backups – every one of our WPLaunch clients have their site securely backed up offsite for maximum security.
  • and more! You can see more details on this page

On top of everything else you’ve got going on, you don’t need to add “become a web developer” to your already-full task list.

My goal with WPLaunch is to help you move faster and focus on shipping your art, so you don’t get hung up in the weeds with the technical details.

Leave the technical headaches to us. It’s what we do best. That way, you can spend your energy creating lift-off for your business.

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