*Results not typical… but why?

How the 80/20 principle applies to your customers' success

I pay attention to the small stuff and I’ve noticed something fascinating…

I do my best to “read between the lines” – especially when I’m reading claims about “this great product” or “that great training course”.

Just finished a book with some pretty lofty claims.

And I noticed this phrase inserted in several spots.

*Results not typical.

Not saying this guy can’t live up to his claims – sometimes they do.


This disclaimer shows up several times – “results not typical”.

And yet this is the example they choose to promote.

And I get it.

I’m sure that their attorney has insisted that the disclaimer is included.

But to me, it begs the question:

WHY are the results you’re going on and on about NOT typical?

I’m reminded of the 80/20 principle:

20% of those who buy that thing are going to get 80% of the results.

It really is almost unavoidable – that’s just the way the universe works.


What could you do to get more of your customers to the other end of the spectrum where the seemingly unbelievable claims are more normal than not?

If only 20% of your sales are succeeding with your product/offer, then are you really doing it right?

Are you targeting the right people?

Are you not filtering out those who aren’t a good fit, and actually turn them down instead of forcing the issue?

Is your product/service/offer really not as good as you claim?

There is ALWAYS a reason for the 80/20 split.

Dig in to what is making that 20% so successful and then do everything in your power to produce that result for the rest of your customers & clients.

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