Selling Online in 2020 – Online Sales Funnels FTW

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 57

What’s the most crucial part of sales? Everyone struggles to increase their online sales. It’s a challenge that’s as old as the internet itself.

The problem is things are changing and if you don’t know what’s the best and most efficient way of doing it, you’re not going to see the results you want to see!

And if you’re not getting the results then that means the sales aren’t coming in and that means trouble for any business.

I’ve learned the key to unlocking exponential sales online and that’s what I’m talking about in this episode!

Selling Online in 2020

Good afternoon and welcome back everybody to Adventures in Digital Marketing. My name is Rob Orr and I am the host. This is a Facebook Live that I’m doing to the Digital Marketing Mastery group. I am the admin and the moderator for our group of digital marketers.

So I’m going to give it a minute here and let those that are interested in coming in to come on in, if you want to do it live or hopefully you might be able to catch it on the replay if you aren’t able to catch it live. That’s totally fine, too.

Today though, before we get too far, today, we’re going to cover the fourth pillar of digital marketing. We covered the first three already. The ones that we’ve already covered is having a home base doing prolific amounts of publishing, building an outstanding offers.

Online Sales Funnel

Today, we’re going to talk about online sales funnels. These are all of the different things that we have covered in previous lives that we’ve done. We’ll be doing pillar number four today.

I see we’ve got Andrew on and my wife who is awesome. Thank you for being on. Thanks guys for joining us live and give me just another minute or so here and then we will jump into it. Then you can catch the replay in the Digital Marketing Mastery group if you’d like to.

If you’re catching this replay somewhere else, like you’re on my YouTube channel, because this video will go there once I get it done. If you’re not already a member of the Digital Marketing Mastery group, you can go to that will bring you straight to my Facebook group.

You will be able to answer a couple questions really more than anything and get into the free group. We’ve got a small but growing group of people there that are working on building online business. It will be very cool and we would love to have you there if you’re not already in there.

So I’m doing things a little bit different today, if the video looks a little bit different. I’ve been having really hard time with the video quality that is coming from my Mac. I’m doing this live from my phone. It’s a little bit different setup, looks a little bit different and evidently on your iPhone 10 you can’t do it from landscape mode.

I got to do it in portrait mode. It’s going to be a very skinny shot. I was going to try to do it up on my whiteboard so I could draw. Sometimes it’s easier for me to illustrate the things that I’m talking about by drawing them up on my board, but I couldn’t get that to work out right.

Eventually, I’ll get that part figured out. It’s just been one of those weeks where I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do experimentation like I normally would. Otherwise, I hopefully would have figured this out by now instead of trying to do it the day up. That’s why it may look a little bit different.

Pillar Number Four

Alright, so pillar number four that we’re going to talk about is doing business online with online sales funnels in 2020. We’re just going to start from square one because the whole idea of starting an online business is hard because there are numerous different options.

There are numerous different opinion leaders and influencers that have opinions on how you should build online businesses. You don’t really know where to start right. It’s kind of difficult to even know where to begin with this stuff to begin with.

The problem ultimately is, is that we know that we want to earn extra money online. We’re trying to build a side hustle in the evenings and on the weekends.

We’re not completely dependent on our regular job or maybe we’re trying to rescue a struggling business that’s already in existence that needs an infusion of new sales. What business doesn’t need sales, whether you are an online business, whether you are a brick and mortar business, everybody always needs more sales, am I right? Maybe that’s what you’re trying to do.

You just haven’t been able to quite figure that out yet. What really is the consequence of that is that if you don’t figure out how to do that, then you’re always going to end up being dependent on your day job or your day gig for your paycheck and while myself and many others are very grateful and work for great places.

Having the flexibility that comes with building a side hustle is something that you could build around, maybe you’re trying to pay off debt, or maybe you want to build a vacation, some extra money to go on take your family on vacation, or maybe you want to get one of these things, maybe you want to get a new guitar, which is one of the things that I’ve got on my list.

Whatever the case may be, wherever you’re trying to do this, if you don’t get this figured out how to do online sales, then there could be serious repercussions in your life financially. The whole idea we’re trying to do is figure out ways to take that next step and do online business efficiently.

My Story

So just to give you a little bit of back story, I come from a background in doing business the sales. I graduated from Florida State in 2020 with a degree in psychology. I immediately took that and went into a career in sales.

I had some really good sales jobs, don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t something that I really enjoyed. That’s another story for another day. You can go to my blog and read my story, if you want to learn more about that.

Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

The big challenge was, when I worked in sales, one of the things that was always coming downhill from our sales managers was that you need to keep your sales funnel full. You need to keep your funnel full.

You need to be filling up your funnel with new prospects and new leads.  That was something that we would hear all the time. I can remember one job that I had where we had like a funnel illustration on a whiteboard in the office.

We were talking about how you need to make sure that you need to be on the phone so you need to be prospecting or you need to be figuring out different ways to fill up your funnel that that kind of concept was beaten into my head in those years that I was doing sales.

This whole idea of sales funnels is not anything new to me, but what the new and interesting way that it’s being done is that it’s being done online, and it’s being done very efficiently. That’s really what we’re going to get at in terms of what the big thing is that we’re going to be working on today.

So if you got any questions, definitely leave me a note in the comments. I will definitely come back over afterwards and go through any questions that anybody has. But if this is making sense, just give me thumbs up or say, “Hey, Rob, that’s making sense.” I totally get it.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Let me know what’s going on and what’s your thinking there? As we go on to the next part, so figuring out what a sales funnel is, we got to know what it is. If we’re going to build a funnel, we have to know what it is.

As I mentioned before my previous life in sales, we were always being coached and challenged and urged for lack of a better word to make sure that our funnels were full. What a sales funnel really is, it’s the buying process that a prospect will go through from the first time they make contact with your company until they have made a purchase. It’s really kind of a simple kind of thing.

Whether you know it or not, actually all businesses have sales funnels, whether they have built them on purpose or not. The lawn care business that has various different packages of services or the contractor who has different kinds of options for the different services that they provide. These are all different kinds of sales funnels.

There are all kinds of different ways of prospecting. In its simplest form, so far as we’re concerned at this point today, what we need to pay attention to is that a sales funnel is the process that somebody goes through from prospect to customer.

Does that make sense? The idea then is we need to build a system for our business that will fill up this funnel going back to my old days working in yellow pages sales when that was still actually a thing.

You got to fill up your funnel so you got to be able to: number one, you’ve got to attract people into your funnel. The way that we did that back in the day was that we would literally get out our phone book. We had call sheets and numbers and all kinds of different things that we would use for businesses that we would call on. We would go do cold calls.

We would do, just pick up the phone and make phone calls until we were able to get prospects. That part is really challenging to get prospects into our funnel. It’s really no different online. When it comes to doing online sales, the way that we want to do this is we have to start by building an audience.

We’ve got a group of people that we know can benefit from our service, they just don’t know it yet. In another video, I covered the three different temperatures of traffic. You can go check that out.

Basically, we’re taking people that don’t know anything about us and don’t know that we have a solution for them that we want to set a hook that will pull them in so that we can grab their attention just for a few moments so that we can explain to them and start the dialogue about what the solutions are that we have for the problems that they are just starting to become aware of.

Targeted Ads on Facebook

It’s the whole idea behind targeted ads on Facebook. So when you run ads on Facebook, the idea is that you select a specific demographic of people that you’re trying to reach. Maybe you are trying to reach women between the ages of 35 and 60.

That are parents that have a lot of disposable income that like and interact with these different kinds of people. So maybe they’re like an Amy Porterfield fan, or a Marie Forleo fan, or something like that. You know who these people are.

You want to put bait in front of them that they are going to be able to latch on to. Just like if you’re going fishing in a lake, you’re going to throw out a hook and see what you can catch.

The idea then is to start putting stuff out there using Facebook ads, or other kinds of ads, or even organic traffic that will put something that is enticing in front of the people that you are trying to target that will get them to take at least that first step to click on something.

Does that make sense? That’s really kind of the first part o what we’re talking about here as far as our sales funnel goes.

So the idea at the beginning is to gather prospects to generate leads that we can start to move through the process. I mentioned Facebook ads because they’re a really great source.

For this kind of traffic, you have the ability to do really fine grain kinds of things in terms of the way that you target the traffic that is on Facebook. So you can target people like Michael Hyatt business, or you can target people that are Tony Robbins fans that have liked his page.

Then there are all kinds of different ways to do all that. I’m not going to get into all that right now. You’re starting to put something out there in front of those people that are having an interest in the things that you can provide them with.

Now, one of the things too that is really hard. This was the big deal, when I was In sales before I transitioned my career into web development was being able to qualify customers, being able to find people that are qualified to do business with you. This comes with identifying your target audience.

We’re going to talk about that much more specifically when we get to the seventh pillar about building audiences and communities. For now, the purpose of this is that you want to know that the things that you’re putting in front of these people are the ones that you’re putting the right thing in front of the right people.

Russell Brunson use the example that when he was getting started early on in his business with Click Funnels, that he was noticing that he was spending a lot of time handling people that weren’t paying him a lot of money that had a lot of beginner questions. He didn’t really want to work with that group.

That was not who he as entrepreneur really wanted to work with. So it was it was taxing, it was hard. He noticed that, he didn’t really know who his target audience was. So what he did then is he built his initial book for his sales funnel to be something that would be more specific to the types of people that he wanted to work with.

He did that by creating his buyer personas or his ideal custom audience. He knew who these people were, what their names were, what they liked, what they didn’t like, where they were at and their business and how much they would be willing to spend, and then built a lead magnet as an entry point to his funnel that would appeal very specifically to that audience.

It would appeal to that audience for a couple reasons that it would appeal because it would be something that would be attractive specifically to the people that he was targeting, but it would also eliminate the beginners that he did not want to work with in his business.

Because the kind of lead magnet it was, it would kind of help people self select that beginners wouldn’t really even know what it is that he was talking about.

Qualifying Your Prospects

They would just skip right over the app. That’s where we’re talking about qualifying your prospects. Number one set the hook. Number two, qualify these prospects so that you can get them into your funnel and that you’re getting the right people into the funnel.

Obviously, you want to use the right kinds of lead magnet to do that with. We give away a free checklist that is the one that Russell used in his example was the AB split testing results that he built a lead magnet around.

The beginners wouldn’t even be worried about doing any kind of split testing, but his target audience who he knew they would want to be interested in that so it was out there in front of them.

We’re putting the right kinds of lead magnets out in front of those people. Now, one of the things that you want to also do is to, once you get them into the funnel, then you’ve got the opportunity to present them with a tripwire offer.

I’ve got a really good example of this. Think about Black Friday. When Black Friday rolls around every year, you get the newspaper or whatever you hear about these sales that are going on at Best Buy or Target or Walmart that you can get this giant 85 inch plasma flat panel 4k television for like $100.

That is a hook. They send that out as an ad to set that hook for that particular item. Now, what happens though, is when you go into the store to get that item, yes, you may get that TV for 100 bucks, but it’s Black Friday so your Christmas shopping.

They know that they’re going to make up the money that they lose on that television by getting you to continue to shop in the store for the rest of the day on items that they are going to make money on. They make that money up that way.

What they do is they give you that low level offer or that tripwire offer to get you to take that next step and to trip into their funnel so to speak so that you can get into their sales process. Then, ultimately, like with Black Friday, buy more stuff in the store that is closer to regular price where they’ve got actual real profit margins on those kinds of things.

Hopefully, that makes sense. One of the other examples that Russell uses, again referencing back to Russell Brunson is that like McDonald’s as an example would spend $3 an ad on average to get somebody to their store to buy a $2 cheeseburger.

Let’s just say it’s a $2 cheeseburger cost them $3 in ads, it’s been that so they lose $1 just to get people in the door, but then when you get to the door, they will ask you, “Would you like fries and drink with that?” They make up that next bit on the fries and the drink that they’re selling you so then it becomes profitable.

So what we do with our sales funnels online is we use things that are tripwire products that maybe they break it even or maybe we lose a little bit of money on it, but when we build our funnels correctly, that next thing that they need is going to be the thing where you start to make your money.

Does that make sense? So when you go for a cheeseburger, they upsell you with a drink and some French fries and you are now it moved from being somebody that lost $1 on to somebody that they made two or $3 on. Then they replicate that 1,000 times. So the sales funnel idea happens the same way.

Getting People With the Hook

What we’re doing is we are getting people with the hook through the door into the first offer, which is a low level entry level kind of offer that will give you the opportunity for them to take the next step for the next thing that they need. I think this is where a lot of people get tripped up.

When you’re building out your funnel, you’ve got to build something that is going to help them to make the next logical thing that they’re going to need for their purchase there. Think about it this way. If you go into a sporting goods store and you’re going to go camping, you are greeted at the front by a very competent salesperson.

That person greets you and welcomes you into the store and asks you what you’re there for. You’re like, “Well, I’m here for a new grill because we’re cooking out this weekend.” So the salesman takes you through, lead you to the grill.

He’s like, “Well, since you’re getting a grill, then you’re going to also need some charcoal.” Then so now you’ve added charcoal to your shopping cart. The next thing that you’ll need also if you’re getting a grill then you also will need your grill tools.

Now you’ve got the grill, the charcoal, the grill tools, and then they go, “Oh, by the way, take a look at this thing here. This is the latest greatest grill tool resource that’s out right now and people are going crazy about it. It’s going to make your cookout just that much better if you get this particular thing.”

Then you see that you’ve already got all these other things, well, I can really make something out of this. So you think, “Okay, you add that to the cart, too.”

You’re walking them through from one logical thing to the next that they need. One of the things that I think is so key for this is that at each point, you are giving them something to take the next logical step so that they can get everything they need to do whatever it is that they’re trying to do.

That example, they’re trying to put together a great cookout for their family and friends. So they went from starting maybe like $100 grill to spending $700 or $800 because they bought all this extra stuff because they wanted to get the full experience. Sales funnel online work the same way.

You are bringing people in through the door with your hook. You’re getting them with their trip wire. You’re giving them the next logical thing that they need in the sales process.

You are helping them by serving them with the information and knowledge that they need to have in order to make the greatest experience possible for their cookout. Because that’s what your job is as a salesperson is that you give them everything that they need.

So when it comes to doing this online, that’s what we do in a sales funnel. When somebody lands on a lead magnet page, they download that freebie then you get them into the tripwire which is a low maybe $7 to $47 product. It’s a very low risk product purchase for them.

Anybody can whip out their credit card and easily make that purchase. Then you get them excited about the other things that you’ve got. Maybe the next one is $200 or $300 product that takes your tripwire product and goes a lot deeper on the topic or it’s the next logical step for the thing that they’re going to need to build out their funnel. And then so on and so forth.

Then you get varying levels of depth, the further they get through your sales funnel so that really is kind of the idea here. Just because somebody comes in through the front door and they get your freebie, they may not buy that first product.

They may not make that first purchase. They may go, “Yeah, no, I’m going to hold off on that for now. I want to go back and look at this guy.” They’ve opted in and you’ve got their email address.

Nurture the List

Now, what you do is you nurture that list. This is the secondary funnel for lack of a better expression, where you have the opportunity to continue to follow up with them, and put them into an email sequence that will help them to continue to make use of the information that you’ve already provided them with, but will also give them additional opportunities to take additional steps in your sales funnel. That’s a whole thing about email marketing that we’re not going to get into today.

That’s really the process so the primary process is they come in through the front door, they make purchases in your funnel and then based on those funnels, the things that they purchased in that funnel then you build it an email sequence to them that will give them the appropriate follow up so they can continue to take the next steps to the next logical thing in the process. I hope that makes sense. Because at each point, you want to make sure that you are giving them what they need as they move through the process.

Overview o f Sales Funnel

That’s really kind of the broad overview of what sales funnels are and how you can use them online. There are several different ways that you can do this in terms of the actual build. The way I got started with it, I was doing a custom. I got started with building custom design funnels for one of my retainer clients. We built out the whole thing that is very expensive and time consuming to do that kind of customized work for our situation.

At that point in time, it was the exact thing that we needed to do even today looking back on it a couple years later, it was the right solution for them at the right time. There are times for that when you’ve got very specific needs to do that.

Again, it’s time consuming, and it’s expensive to do and build out custom funnels. Then there are plugins that you can use on your website. There is, if you’re using WordPress, you had the opportunity to use WooCommerce.

Then there’s a new plugin that works with WooCommerce called Cart Flows that will help you to build funnel sequences and give your customers online the opportunity to do one click upsells or easily move through a painless sales funnel online.

That’s another one. Lead pages, is another good one that you can use to build out using this kind of page builder concept, build out pages really quickly to build a sales funnel, but the one that is kind of the industry standard, really, at this point for sales funnels is ClickFunnels.

I’ve mentioned that a couple times. I just wanted to bring that up again because it really is in terms of building out sales funnels, they have absolutely mastered the craft of what it takes to build a sequence that is online, and it’s quick, it’s relatively inexpensive depending on the kinds of customizations that you want to do.

You have the opportunity to do the more complex things and you can build out all kinds of crazy funnels with these. That’s what I’ve got today for you guys. What I’m going to do is I’m going to put all of these links to these tools in the comments, both on the YouTube video and the Facebook live, where you can go and check them out.

A couple of these tools have free trials. You can create an account, go and log in, kind of kicked the tires around. If you decide that’s what you want to do in terms of building your own sales funnels.

Obviously, if you’re doing custom design, that’s a totally different ballgame. Anyway, I’ll put that in there. So you have those resources available to you.

Digital Marketing Mastery Group

Like I said, make sure to give me a like, make sure if you’re not part of my Digital Marketing Mastery group already to go to and join there. If you already are a member, I’m very grateful that you’re with us there.

I’ll have the links for all this stuff in our private group there as well. Then in a few days, I’ll have all of this stuff as a transcript available on my blog as well.

Got Questions?

I’ll put that into the notes on Facebook, as well. So if nobody else has any other questions, I want to thank Andrew and John and Paige for showing up today to the live. I would love for you guys to catch us on the replay.

I hope this is helpful to you. I hope that as we get more into this, we’re going to start moving through the Seven Pillars once we’ve covered them all in depth. We’re going to start talking about these individually a lot more.

We’re going to continue with our Thursday afternoon sessions, where we’re going to continue to teach and to train live so that you can ask your questions, and get the training and the help that you need.

So that you can go and build your online business and start to build the life that you’re trying to build with the online business that you want to start.

That’s all I’ve got for today, guys. You guys were awesome. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, we’ll talk to you guys later. Bye.

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