Sidekick From Hubspot – A Great Relationship Tool For Your Inbox

sidekick-by-hubspot-2One of the resources I’ve been doing a lot of research on lately is HubSpot. There are a lot of very exciting things in that tool, and while I’m kicking tires on the HubSpot sled, I’ve started using a couple of their free tools to get a better idea of how everything works.

My business has grown (more on that later) and has outgrown a lot of the tools that I used to use. I’ll have another post later on what I’m using now, but one of the tools in that mix right now is Sidekick, a powerful tool you can use in conjunction with your email to help track relationships and activity.

In a sidebar in your Gmail account it will display profile information for the person you’re trading emails with. You can see who clicks and opens your email, eliminating that “did they ever open that email?” question that you get from time to time.

It will also show contact information on that person and help you get an idea of who it is and who you’re dealing with.

I only just started using it, but so far, I’m really loving it.

You can try Sidekick for your self here.

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