The First Quarter Challenge – Prepping And Planning to Start 2020 The Right Way

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 38

What’s the biggest thing on your list that you need to do for 2020?

If any of it has to do with building an online business then your first – or next – website is going to be on that list. Setting your goals and getting expectations in order is huge this time of year!

So in order to help all of us along on that path is getting that part done, and that’s what we’re talking about here.

I’ve got a new Challenge coming up that’s going to help you build and launch your website, whether you’ve ever done it or not!

Christmas Time!

Hey everybody, what’s up? Good morning. Welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. I’m Rob Orr. Today, we are going to be talking about what is upcoming for the New Year and talk about plans and getting ahead of first quarter goals for 2020.

It is amazing to think that we are sitting here right on the edge of 2020. That’s what we’re going to get into today. Once again, welcome back, everybody. There has been so much stuff that’s happened this year. And at this time of year, everybody’s talking about the holidays and what their plans are. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited. We’ve got some good stuff coming up.

My family is going to be spending time with my wife’s family which is always an adventure and should be a lot of fun. Maybe there will even be some snow involved so we’ll see. I’m not sure, but you never know how those things go. I’m just excited for the holidays as anybody else.

I love Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I do have to admit that I do wish that I did a better job of planning for Christmas season because my brain is all throughout the year is thinking about what’s going on in the moment and what my immediate needs are and immediate goals are. It seems like every year Christmas sneaks up on me.

Anyway, it’s going to be great. My daughter is going to have a great time. My wife is going to have a great time in the house. Holidays are always fun. You get to each relax. You get to recharge. You get that great time that we all need to sit back and reflect and think about what went right for the previous year, what didn’t go right, what you’re going to do for the coming year.

Recharge and Set New Goals – The 12 Week Year

At least if you’re like me that’s kind of where my mind goes. It is definitely time if you are a goal-oriented person to take some time to think about what your goals are for 2020 in the first quarter. A while back, I’ve read the 12 week year which I thought was absolutely amazing.

It’s really hard for me to stick to. I definitely need to do some more studying there, but there’s some great material there. The one thing though that stuck with me in all of this was the idea that you break your goals down into quarterly goals that essentially work themselves out over a 12 week period. I think that’s outstanding.

It’s really to get you dialed in and get you focused on what’s your next 12 weeks are going to be, what you’re going to accomplish those kinds of things and puts it into a timeframe. I think for a lot of people is a lot more manageable because when we start thinking about five year goals and 10 year goals and stuff like that.

Those goals that they asked you about when you’re in a job interview. Where do you see yourself in five years? Those kinds of things. Those are great questions. But a lot of times, it is more challenging to come up with that five year vision and not that you shouldn’t do that, of course, but it’s more challenging to think about that and specifics.

The big thing for me is, where do I want to be at the end of the next 12 weeks? Of course those things all feed into where I want to be in five years because I do have a vision plan. I do have goals for where I want to be by the end of the year, and by the end of the next five years and stuff like that.

I’ve got all of that, but it when it comes to making some practical steps like things that you can put on your to do list. It is all about the things that you can do that you can quantify, that are going to help you take measurable steps towards your goals for that those next 12 weeks.

That being said, it is that time of year. Now, obviously, we’ve got the holidays. Like I said, but it’s that time of year to be thinking about where you’re at for the next 12 weeks. One of the things that I want to put on your list for things to take into consideration is a couple different things.

Obviously, when it comes to New Year’s everybody starts talking about things are going to change on New Year’s resolutions. I’m not sure I mean, do people even really do that anymore? I’m going to have to put that on Facebook or social media today.

WordPress Website Challenge

I want to know because it seems that New Year’s resolutions may have kind of fallen out of favor in terms of pop culture thinking. Anyway, but some people are still thinking about them. Then those of us that are goal oriented are also thinking about what’s going to be happening in our next quarter.

Like we were talking about for the next 12 weeks. The first part of 2020. We’ve got two big events that are coming up. We’ve got the New Year coming up and then we’ve got the first quarter of the year. What I want to put in front of you is a challenge.

I can’t tell you everything about it right now. There’s more to come on that but if you’ve not built and launched your website this year, if you’ve been stuck, if you have not for whatever reason get stuck on tech stuff or whatever the case may be. If you haven’t got it out the door yet then that’s the first thing that needs to go on your list for 2020 in the first quarter.

One of the things that you need to check off your list is to finish building and launching your website because that’s kind of the core piece of your business. It’s the core of your online idea. It’s the core of who you are trying to become. Those kinds of things for what you’re trying to accomplish in your life.

You got to have your website up before you can do anything else. What I’ve got for you coming up is going to be a lot of fun. I’ve got some stuff that I am going to do that is going to help you to do that. I am putting together a challenge that is going to launch in January. Like I said, I will give you some more specifics on that later.

I want to give you a challenge to give you some guidance to put together some resources that is going to help you to build and launch your website in the first quarter of the year. It’s not going to take 12 weeks. It’s not going to take six weeks, but it’s going to be one of those items that you can check off your list.

So if you think about it, think about how you’re going to feel. If you’re if you’ve been somebody that’s struggling that has struggled with building and launching your website, what’s it going to feel like to you if when you finally see your website up and running?

My Story

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be super stoked because I know for me when I finally got my first website online. I knew it wasn’t perfect, but man, it was done. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that for myself. But when I was able to have something up there that was exactly what I wanted it to be.

That was mine that I could call my own, that I could be proud of. It was so amazing. It was so satisfying to see what I had accomplished. Little did I know that it was going to turn into this huge career as a web developer at that time. It was a great feeling for me.

I mean I could share pictures of my daughter. I had my resume on there. I had all kinds of different things on there that I wanted to have. This was even way back before blogging the kind of became this thing.

It wasn’t as big a thing as it is now. So I was putting pictures out there because my family is distributed. I’ve got family in Atlanta and family in Orlando and various different places. It was easier to post pictures of my daughter onto my personal website so that they could see it and they could share the experience of seeing my baby girl. Because my family is a picture family.

They love to see pictures of everything all the time. My mom has got to see your cedar chest that is full of every little knick-knack and remnant and little thing from our childhood. So we tend to be a little bit sentimental on that side of things.

That was like the very first version of a personal website that I was created. Like I said, I wanted to share pictures of my baby girl. Like I said, it’s come a long way from that. My daughter’s going to be 15 here in just a couple months. It’s a different world personal websites have come a long way.

What Are You Going To Do?

Anyway, enough about all of that. My challenge for you is this– is to put it on your schedule for you to be thinking about and planning what your goals are for online business in 2020. On that list, I want you to have a to-do item that is build and launch your website.

That’s going to be the number one thing. Then I am going to give you the reason sources to do that. I’ll give you the URL coming up soon. I’ll tell you more about all that later. This is going to be a challenge style adventure in digital marketing where you are going to build and launch your website and be done with it and be proud of it and be excited to have it up. That is the plan.

If you haven’t made plans for what you’re going to be doing in 2020 and the first quarter or even 2020 of the year as a whole. It is definitely time for you to start thinking about that stuff. It is time to get up and get moving. Start putting together some plans for where you want to be, who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have achieved by the end of the first 12 weeks in 2020.

I’ll link it up in the show notes. I’ve got some goal setting questions that I came across a while ago that I think would be a valuable resource for you. I’ll make sure to link that up in the show notes. It’s actually one of the more popular posts that I wrote several years ago on my blog.

Anyway, enough about all that. That’s all I’ve got for you for today. I want to encourage you to subscribe to the podcast if you are not already subscribed. We’re on iTunes and Spotify and all those places where you can find the podcast. I would encourage you also to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

You can find that at That’s our I also want to invite you to join my private Facebook group where we are talking about all things digital marketing. The group is called Digital Marketing Mastery. You can find that at

Look forward to seeing you next time. I will see you. You can leave a comment on the blog on this post. It’ll be great.

Sorry, there’s just some weird traffic going on around me as I’m driving into the office here. There’s lots of police cars because there’s a tree down across the road so it’s distracting me.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing great. Until next time. We’ll talk more later. Bye.

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