The Hidden Truth Facebook Ads Taught Me About My Funnel Offer Stack

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 22

Sometimes I consider my business a test lab for online business tactics. Ok – that’s almost always the way I think about it.

You see I’m a web developer with a huge passion for digital marketing and helping other people make their own way in to the online world so that they can start their own business and break the bonds that a traditional JOB has on most of us.

Even if it’s just to loosen the chains a bit, it’s worth it.

I was originally inspired to do this by a book I read years ago called “Mulitple Streams of Internet Income”.

No doubt that the tactics in that book are long since outdated, but the concept stuck with me:

Why be completely dependent on just ONE stream of income when I could have MULTIPLE streams of income?!?

That was a huge paradigm shift for me, and I’ve been working in and experimenting with online business since then.

All in all, I’ve had fantastic success with my online business. It hasn’t always been pretty. It’s never – ever – been easy.

I’ve also had incredible frustration and setbacks. I’ve won and lost huge clients. And won some more.

And the whole time I’ve been doing my best to learn what works and what doesn’t and keep pressing forward.

But at the core of all that work is that I wanted to be able to develop additional income streams for me and my family so we can loosen the grip that financial responsibilities have on all of us, and give us some breathing room.

And I want to help others to do that too.

And I’ve been able to help a ton of people, and it’s been incredibly encouraging.

One of the biggest things I’ve been working on lately is building really good online sales funnels.

I’ve learned a TON.

I’ve learned several great lessons from my funnel work, but it was Facebook that taught me something specifically that I didn’t see at first glance.

I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’ve not heard, I’ve got a new WordPress book called “The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint” that’s ready to go!

Part of the marketing work I’m doing is that I’ve built a new funnel for it that should be rolling out in the next couple days.

The first funnel I built needed work – I knew that. It was working; all my benchmark numbers were within range of what they should have been.
The lessons I learned by reading between the lines of what my Facebook ad spend was telling me that helped me gain a ton of clarity for what I needed to do with my next funnel.
But it was what digging deeper in to those numbers that I learned some valuable lessons about where I needed to work on my funnel, and ultimately lead me to create this book.

In this latest episode of The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast I talk about the lessons learned from my Facebook ad spend, and how it clued me in to something that was plain as day, but was completely missing.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I’ll tell you how you can get a FREE copy of “The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint” book.

Learning from what your funnel metrics are telling you


Hey, everybody welcome back. This is Rob Orr and this is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. I am excited this morning because I am finally done with my new funnel for the WordPress blueprint book. I’m planning on rolling that out hopefully today.

I got all of the final steps finally done, finally got all of the emails ready to go, finally got all of the sequences and all of that stuff is all in place and I’m super excited about it. I wanted to talk about something on how I kind of ended up on this that I think may be something that might be encouraging for people that are getting started.

You’re working on your first funnel or one of your first funnels and I want to tell you about something that I learned from my first funnel that I launched way back earlier this year and how it relates to Facebook ads.
So as I’ve talked about a couple different times, I got involved with the original One Funnel Away challenge that ran last October a year ago and caught the inspiration blog and started working on building funnels.

Well, the process of me actually putting my funnel together took a little bit longer than expected. I ended up rolling out my funnel much earlier this year. I want to say it was in February or March. We had hurricane damage from Hurricane Michael that we had to deal with at home and that kind of slowed things down a little bit.

Anyway, I did get it finished and I got it out and I’ve been tweaking it and revising it ever since then. One of the things that I learned during that original challenge was kind of the base benchmarks for how to tell whether or not your funnel is going to be successful or not. Julie, in one of the lessons, talks about what are some targets, percentages you should be looking at for your opt-in page for your sales page, for your one time offer page, for your order bump. All those kinds of things.

In my opinion, that was one of the most helpful things out of the whole thing because when you’re just getting started, you don’t know what you don’t know. Being able to get some guidance to figure out what that is supposed to look like is really helpful so you can start to take a deeper look at the different parts of your funnel to see what’s working and what’s not.

I got to look into my funnel and after it had been running for a while I started looking at my numbers. My numbers were actually really awesome. My lead magnet was converting way more than what’s expected. I think that the benchmark that Julie mentioned was somewhere around 20 to 30%. I was converting 40 to 50% on my lead magnet and so that part was doing really well.

Then that’s where the challenges started to come in. My sales page was converting just under where it should be in terms of the offer there which originally when I first rolled it out my course was $47. I want to say that and I could be completely wrong center remember this specifically, but the numbers should have been around 3 to 5%.

I was converting a little right at three I think on the low end and then the order bump was converting like crazy which was like on the ones that I did sell my order bump was converting like 70% it was crazy. That was all I had for my funnel. I didn’t have an additional OTO or one time offer.

Then I started looking at my ad spend and that’s where everything kind of blew up and I figured I found out that my ads were just way too expensive. I wasn’t able to keep up with selling the product.

Sorry, I just got distracted there for a second. I’m driving down the road here on the way to the office this morning. My ad spend was outpacing what I was earning from my funnel is what I’m trying to get at. So I shut it down.

I shut down the ads and started working on it. What that ultimately told me was my ads were too expensive, but the ads were actually converting pretty well. They did really well and I had good copy. I had good images. What that took me another step to figure out was my offer wasn’t really what it should have been.

So that got me looking at what the offer was as a whole and then what the price point was in that and how I could ramp that up. After I introduce my course at $47 and had some modest success with that I upped the price and started doing better. Then the big thing though was the offer and all that I learned from my Facebook ad spent and my conversions was that my offer needed work.

I had to go back to the drawing board. After going back to the drawing board, I’m like, “Well, wait a minute.” Russell has his Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook which is an amazing book of itself. I know that converts like crazy because I bought his package from his own Funnel Hacker Cookbook funnel.

So what I decided to do was to create from my course a book and that’s where the ultimate WordPress blueprint came from. The whole idea is based on like I was talking about in yesterday’s podcast that a lot of times people see these blog posts or these influencers are talking about how easy it is to get started with WordPress.

They sell you through their affiliate link to Bluehost or some other hosting service and teach you how to do like a 20 minutes set up and then that’s it. I’ve always kind of been put off by those not that those aren’t useful, but for somebody who wants to help people get all the way done that never really did the trick for me. It never really completed the picture.

That’s why I created this course is once you get done installing WordPress on your hosting service then what do you do? That’s the whole concept behind this course is to take the next steps and talk about how do you use these different things? How do you use posts and pages and the media center? How to create posts and pages? What are the various different tools that you have in the classic editor?

Then the Gutenberg editor and the various different tools and how do you install the theme and how do you work with widgets and all that kind of stuff. That’s why I created this course was to complete the picture so that somebody would be able to create their own self hosted WordPress site from top to bottom do it relatively quickly and just be completed so that they can focus on doing other things.

Then I started thinking, with the course my offer isn’t as good as it needs to be. We need to do some work on this offer. So I’ve been racking my brain over the last couple months about what I can do. I’ve actually got some ideas that I think are going to be really awesome that have come out of that, but I haven’t started working on some of those yet.

You just have to hang with me while I work on refining those ideas. I think you’re going to be very excited because there’s some really cool stuff there as far as website building is concerned. Not everybody can afford the 197 the courses now. I’m also a big proponent of presenting material to people in the way that they learn.

Some people are visual learners, some people like to watch so videos work real well for them. Some people are readers and they can sit down with 5,000 words in a blog post and just eat every bit of that up. Then some people are auditory learners as well. Some people would rather hear.

That’s why I have now a podcast. I’ve got a YouTube channel. I’ve got my blog. We’ve got all these different things. I’m trying to present this information to entrepreneurs and aspiring creators and bloggers and writers and artists so that I can get you what you need to do business online, to start a business, to start a blog. Those kinds of things in the medium that works best for you.

That’s where the WordPress blueprint book came from. So going back to this idea of trying to figure out what I need to do with my offer I’m like, “Well, wait a minute if I can do a transcript of the course, I can offer it a much lower price point. I can do something that would look really cool. I then become an “author” and now I’ve got a book that I can offer as part of what I do to try to help people do better business better online.”

That was the idea so I created the book to tweak and to make my offer better. That’s what I’m working on right now. You’ll see that I’m getting ready to roll out the new funnel today. I’m going to send an email out to the list and give people an opportunity because you can get a digital copy of the book for free. That’s completely ready to go. That will be going out today.

Then last night I was working on the ads and then I don’t know about you, but after I’ve been looking at a computer screen and thinking hard about something for too long my eyes start to cross. It becomes a little bit more challenging to try to figure out what’s going to be quality versus quantity. I just decided to shut it down. I spent some time with my family which is what I needed to do anyway.

That’s what I’m working on now. We’ll see how all that goes. I think that I’m on to something better as far as my offer goes. I’ve got new funnels that I’m going to be working on in the future, too. Hopefully this one will go a little bit better and right now I’m just trying to get the wheels turning on this and pick up a little momentum here because there’s a lot of other things that I want to teach too.

There are deeper WordPress things that I want to get into, there are monetization things that I want to get into for how to monetize your website and some of the tools that you can use with that like ClickFunnels or lead pages. Those are two of the big ones that you can use for those kinds of things and more.

There’s a whole thing that I’ve got that I can just tell you a little bit. I won’t tell you everything, but there is a new product and what medium that will first take shape in I’m not real sure on. There’s a whole thing that I’m working on for doing bigger web design projects. I’ll leave it at that about site planning and all that kind of stuff. I’m really excited about that.

Again, this is all stuff that I do every day. I really think that people will be able to find this stuff useful and help them to do business online and to use these blueprints to accelerate their progress there.

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to talk about what I learned from my Facebook ads was that I needed to go back and take a look at my offer because my numbers were good, but my ads were expensive. My ads were expensive just because my offer wasn’t as good as it should be or it just needed work.

I guess there’s a better way to put that because it’s not that the offer wasn’t good because there’s lots of stuff that I had with that offer that I that I put in my offer stack. It needed work. It needed to be tweaked and needed to be made better. That’s what I’m working on.

One of the encouraging things– again, I keep going back to this is that I’ve heard both Russell Brunson and Steven Larson talk about how many funnels they’ve had that have flopped. Steven talked about how it was 34 funnels it took before he found one that actually worked.

Russell talked about in some of his presentations about, there are just literally hundreds of funnels that he has built that haven’t done anything. It doesn’t mean that the funnel concept doesn’t work. It just means that your feedback loop is that whatever it is that you’re putting in that funnel, it needs work.

That’s what I’m working on. That’s what I learned from my Facebook ads. But one of the good things that came out of that Facebook ad spend is it really helped me to build my list. There are hundreds of people that I’ve added to my list through that initial offer.

I would expect that the same kinds of results will happen because my lead magnet this time around with the free digital copy of the WordPress blueprint book is even better than my WordPress checklist that I ran before. I’m excited about it. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted on what works there. I’m starting with a very modest ad budget this time around.
I’m going to form it up as a self-liquidating offer kind of situation where it’s going to end up paying for itself. That’s what I’m looking forward to. That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope this is helpful. I hope that me talking about the things that I’m working on and those kinds of things are helpful to you so you can kind of get a little bit insight into what’s going on in my world.

Then maybe take something from this and apply it to your business or your website and it will help you to do business better online yourself. Thanks everybody for listening. If you’re not already subscribed, I would really appreciate it if you would go to iTunes and subscribe. I’ve got this podcast in all of the places where you normally subscribe to podcasts now and would love to have you subscribe.

Give me a review. Let me know how I’m doing. Let me know if you go to my website. I would really love to have a comment on the post that has this podcast on it. Let me know the kinds of questions and things that you are struggling with and where you need help.

I would love to hear about that. Thanks everybody for listening. Take care. We’ll talk soon.

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