The One Funnel Away Challenge – Week 3 – Putting All The Pieces Together

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 15

Now that you’ve done the research, created your messaging, created offer and have told the story about what lead you to create this amazing product, it’s time to put it all together and actually build out your sales funnel. Week 3 is all about taking all the work you’ve done so far and put it all  in to action by building out your squeeze page, sales page, one-time-offer page, and your membership page. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode.


Welcome back, everyone. This is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. My name is Rob Orr. I’m your host.

Today we’re going to be talking about day three of The One Funnel Away Challenge and the last couple episodes we’ve been talking more about what’s going on with the first couple stages, week zero which is belief week.

Then week one which is your planning and product and offer week. We talked also about week two which is we kind of an introduction to writing in copywriting and story creation week.

Now, it’s time to put all those pieces of the puzzle together in week three. This is the fun part. This is where all of the stuff that you’ve been doing so far, you finally get to go in and start building stuff and start creating.

It’s time to put all of the hard work and research that you’ve been working on into action and start building out your pages and then implementing all of your copy and your content. So, on one side of this it’s really awesome because there is a lot of fun stuff. You get to get into ClickFunnels.

You get to start building out pages. You get to see all of the various tools and stuff that are available. Then you also have the rather big task ahead of you of actually building out your funnel.

Over the first few days this week, you’re going to be building out the examples of the pages that Russell is teaching you about in this course. That’s going to be your squeeze page which is where you’re going to deliver your lead magnet and your sales page and your one time offer page.

Then you’re going to build your membership area. All of these different things are going to be built. The great thing about this is that Russell walks you through every step on this and gives you great instructions about how to do each of these things.

It gives you lots of insight into how these things are going to work, how you can use your hooks on your pages that you created it and starting to create in week two. You can now start adding those in and using them for your headlines and you’ve got your epiphany bridge script.

You’ve got your origin story. You’re going to be putting all of those things into place during this creation week which is week three. This was the most fun for me as a web developer.

I was able to get in there and get under the hood and start looking around and start playing with things and start building stuff out. Now, I, as a web developer like to have a little bit more flexibility for some of the things that I would like to do. I’m certainly the exception on this.

The great thing about ClickFunnels is it’s built to do all of the heavy lifting for you so you shouldn’t need to know one thing about website code in order to build out your funnels. There may be occasional instances where like for instance you need to add in your Facebook pixel code or your Google Analytics tracking code those kinds of things.

That’s definitely something that you’re going to need to do for those. At the same time, that’s really just a copy and paste. For instance, when it comes to the Facebook pixel code, Facebook does everything for you says take this go paste copy this, go paste this over here.

You’ll be good to go there. Like I said, it’s really exciting and you can get to see your funnel start to take shape. It’s where you’re adding your images and you’re creating your copy and adding your buttons. If you’re like me, I tinkered a lot during this time. I was constantly moving stuff around and constantly working on copy and working on tweaking things and trying to make it just perfect.

I spent a lot of time the first time around at ClickFunnels working through these various different steps. The big thing here I think the big takeaway is couple things. You get a lot of great instruction from Russell from a high level view then you also will get a lot of great instruction from Julie Stoian who is part of or at least used to be part of the Click Funnels team.

She talks you through a lot of the technical aspects of building out your funnel in her session which is going to be one of the videos. It’s going to be included there. You’ll be able to go in there and do all of the things and she’ll show you how to drag and drop and how to create various different features in how to work with type sizes and colors and fonts and all that sort of stuff. It’s really great.

It’s deep enough for you to get the nuggets for what you need to do without being so bloated with technical speak that it’s going to fly right over your head. A lot of people get frustrated with that a lot of times because it can be super overwhelming when you start to think about all of the technical aspect of all this stuff.

Julie does a really great job of laying that out and showing you exactly what you need to do. I think the hidden benefit that you get in The One Funnel Away course as a whole, are the coaching calls with Steve Larson. I’ve got to be honest. The first time I went through The One Funnel Away Challenge, I kind of blew those off. I did a couple here and there, but I knew what I was trying to do.

I just decided that I wasn’t going to pay any attention to those. That was such an enormous mistake on my behalf. That it really set me back because the behind the scenes stuff and the coaching and the encouragement and the information that Steve gives to you during the course of the challenge in his coaching calls is probably worth the price of The One Funnel Away Challenge all by itself.

He was in the past doing those live each time around which I would imagine was an enormous amount of work for him, but the videos are stored in The One Funnel Away Challenge members area. You can go back and watch those videos. Then you can also go back into the Facebook group even after your session has come and gone they archive the group.

At least that’s the way it is as of this recording. This last version of The One Funnel Away Challenge that I was just a part of, they just archive the group and just made it so that you couldn’t add any new comments to it. All of the information is still there.

All the conversations, all of your questions, all that stuff is still there, too. Tons and tons of value in the whole thing across the board.

By the end of this week, for all intents and purposes you’re done. You’ve got all of the technical pieces. You’ve done all your copy. You’ve written your stories. You’re told your origin story.

You’ve written your hooks. You’ve implemented your hooks. You’ve created your design. You’ve created your lead magnet and your offers. All this stuff is all buttoned up now.

By the time you get to the end of week three, you’re completely done. Its super encouraging because the last part which will cover in the next episode is you end up spending week four talking about traffic and how to drive traffic to your funnel and the different kinds of traffic and those kinds of things.

It’s absolutely amazing. The instruction is super high quality as always. That’s week three. I hope that this is encouraging you and spurring you on because like I’ve said on a couple different occasions now, The One Funnel Away Challenge, I think is something that really every online entrepreneur needs to do because the whole concept of ales funnels is not unique to Russell Brunson.

He didn’t invent the concept, but as far as how it’s been done and it’s being implemented online is what he’s known for. There’s nobody else in the online Sales Funnel business that has been more successful with this than he has. It’s been an absolutely enormous success.

He’s done really well. There are 100 million dollar software company and they just continue to grow and to continue to do great things. I think the thing that I like about this most as far as a vehicle to do business online is it can meet you where you’re at so that you can start trying to deliver results.

Because at the end of the day, Sales Funnels just work. They work. There’s no two ways about that. They work. You’ll have people that you’re in the group with during The One Funnel Away Challenge that have been through before. I can tell you about their successes.

You can see the people that are in your group this time around are having success and maybe you’re the one who has the big story to tell about how you were able to do it and what you were able to get out of the hundred dollars that you invested in the course. The cost of your ClickFunnels subscription.

That’s what I want you to take away from this. This is week three. It’s a big deal. It’s a lot of really good stuff, a lot of stuff that is going to prepare you for doing business online.

So next up, we’ll be talking about traffic and funnel audibles and those kinds of things for week four. Until then, this have been The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. Once again, I’m your host Rob Orr and we will see you next time around.

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