The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint Is Now Available

And you can get a copy of it completely free - keep reading...

There’s no shortage of information about online business. There’s no shortage of sites you can find that claim to teach you how to start a WordPress site in as “little as 20 minutes!”

And what are you supposed to do once you’ve finished that 20 minute install? What comes next?


I’d be willing to wager that not many of those resources are built on years of experience building hundreds of WordPress websites like The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint is.

I’ve been telling you about The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint for a while now….

  • All the things I had to do to get it done
  • All the steps to get it produced
  • All the time, sweat equity, and strategizing

and more….

And it’s finally ready.

And you can get a copy for free.

With this book I’m inviting you to pull up a chair and watch over my should as I show you step-by-step, from start to finisheverything you need to know and do to build and launch your own self-hosted WordPress website.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about getting your domain picked, registered along with getting hosting set up – the right way
  • Learn the things you need to avoid at all costs when you’re starting your new website
  • Learn exactly what you need to know to about posts, pages, media library and more so you can focus on creating your content
  • Learn the tools, tips, and tricks that every WordPress website owner needs to know to run your site like a pro
  • I go over everything you need to know on how to use the Gutenberg block editor tool in the latest version of WordPress
  • I show you the exact steps on how to start up your email list by starting with Mailchimp and get it integrated with your new self-hosted website

And there is so much more.

I’ve specifically designed this training to get you online and into action fast and can be done in just a couple days.

It’s for anyone who is ready to start their own WordPress website, regardless of experience or technical ability.

And it’s completely free to you.

All you need to do is go to https://wpwebsiteblueprint.com to get your copy. You enter your email, I send you the book.

It’s as simple as that.

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