This One Thing Set Me Back For Years

Having a healthy sense of skepticism isn't always a good thing

I started with a chip on my shoulder.

I blew it off.

I dismissed it all as a bunch of junk.

It was all a bunch of lies aimed at separating me from my money, or so I told myself.

I viewed everything through a very skeptical frame of reference, at best. Outright scorn at worst.

You see I’d been tainted by my life experience not to trust people.

When I was growing up I was taught to protect myself and view the claims businesses and people made with disdain. Didn’t matter what it was – It didn’t matter if it was a deodorant commercial or some other claim on TV. I’d see them and I would immediately dismiss them as garbage. Same goes for that goldmine of great copywriting inspiration in offers contained in magazine ads.

To me, it was always a bunch of lies.

I remember my step-dad buying some stuff from Don Lapre and how he thought that was going to solve all his issues. He never did anything with it. He spent a bunch of money on a bunch of stuff and never did anything with it and it frustrated my mom to no end.

Now don’t get me wrong – having a healthy sense of skepticism is a good thing when it comes to promises of making money of any kind.

Because some of those people are, in fact, just out to make a quick buck.

But then I actually saw people who were doing amazing things online.

I saw people with 6 and 7 figure eBay stores.

I saw people absolutely crushing it with their websites and online businesses.

I was hooked.

And the more I learned the difference between them and me, and it was simply this:

They saw promise where I perceived uncertainty.

They saw opportunity where I perceived deception.

And they built incredible businesses that I saw with my own eyes.

if I’d only listened and studied deeper I would have seen that it wasn’t the claims that I was seeing that was the problem.

It wasn’t the products.

It wasn’t the methods.

It wasn’t the tools.

It was me.

I couldn’t see past my skeptical frame of reference.

Here’s the kicker:

If I would have been open to what was being taught I would have seen that the opportunity was there if I only I could’ve gotten past my skepticism.

Tony Robbins talks about “certainty” being so vital to anything we want to accomplish.

Because if you’re skeptical, are you really going to invest the time and energy needed to get it done?

Are you going to push past the discomfort when it’s getting rough when you’re uncertain?

No – you won’t. Because you’re skeptical and uncertain.

If you don’t believe in the potential of what you’re trying to do, then you’ve already doomed yourself before you ever get started.

Russell Brunson points out that he’s never seen anyone be successful in anything when they’re skeptical.

I can attest to this, personally.

I was skeptical when I first started learning about online business. I viewed everything with a very skeptical eye.

And it set me back for years.

It wasn’t until I set my skepticism aside and saw the possibilities that things changed. And when they did, they really changed.

Is your skepticism stopping you?

Are you skeptical about building an online business of your own? Are you not sure you can do it?

As long as you’re skeptical, then your assumptions are correct.

Just like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

Don’t let skepticism derail you.

You’ve got opportunities right in front of you, so what are you going to do with it?

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Whatever you do, don’t dismiss the opportunity because you’re skeptical. Don’t be content to sit around and leave your life the way it is. Do something about your goals and dreams, see the promise, open yourself to the opportunity, and dig in with both feet.

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