Traffic Secrets: The REAL Reason You Struggle With Traffic Revealed

Figure this out & watch your traffic struggles vanish

Is there ANYONE anywhere who DOESN’T want more traffic?

Even Amazon and Facebook are looking to grow their traffic numbers (Have you even watched “The Social Dilemma”?)

So you don’t need me to tell you that traffic is the life-blood of any online project.

So why don’t we get the traffic we work so hard to get?

Why do we have to keep guessing and hoping that our stuff will catch on?

“Hope,” as we all know, is no marketing strategy.

*Here’s how it usually goes:*

You think you’re not getting traffic because your content isn’t “SEO-ready”.

You think no one is reading your content because no one can find it.

You think the reason you’re not getting traffic is that your SEO sucks.

Here’s the real problem:

The REAL reason they you’re not getting the traffic you want is that you don’t have an audience because you don’t REALLY know who your dream customer is.

The reason you feel like you’re spinning your wheels is you don’t REALLY know who you’re talking to.

Check this out:

There are FOUR critical rules for successful SEO.

The first rule is that your content has to contain the right keywords.

But the keywords you need to have in your content are directly related to your dream customer’s struggles, pains and problems.

And if you don’t know who your dream customer is, how are you supposed to know how to solve their problems?

You see – I get it.

We all want people to find our site, see our content, and love and appreciate all the new cool things we’re doing online, as much as we do!

But when it comes to traffic, SEO is not some magical cure for your problems.

But before you get all mad at me and fired up about how you NEED SEO, we have to stop for a second and get our priorities in order.

The FIRST step in winning tons of traffic is to know exactly who your dream customer is.

Hear me out:

It’s not enough to have a general idea of who this is.

You need to know your dream customer better than they know themselves!

You need to know the deep details about who they are and what they want.

You need to know their name and the details about their life.

  • How old are they?
  • What do they like? What do they dislike?
  • What problem do they have – specifically?
  • What result or outcome can you give them?
  • What fear and/or false belief do they need to overcome to get what they want?

You need to know what makes them tick, what gets them excited, and what problems they have.

THEN you know what they want so you can deliver to them what they need.

I use these questions, along with a few others, with my clients with resounding success.

Because- get this! – once you figure this stuff out, you will have a clear picture of the keywords that you need in your content and how those keywords work together to help you create amazing content that your dream customer is dying for!

There’s a lot more to it, but you get the idea.

Figure out the specifics about who your dream customer is. Learn who they are and everything you can about them.

THEN your keyword research and SEO will make a LOT more sense.

And you will have a really clear picture about what problems they’re having and how you can help them.

You’ll be surprised about how things start to fall into place, and you’ll worry a lot less about SEO.

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