Updates on What I’m Working On And An Incredible Win

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 6

In today’s episode, I’ve got a quick update on the WordPress Website Blueprint book, and I also wanted to tell you about how last weekend I had an incredible win that has really helped me move the needle.


Hey, everybody, welcome back. I’m Rob Orr and this is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. I wanted to talk about a couple things this morning I think that have been really encouraging for me lately. Some things that I’ve done and that have happened that have been super awesome.

The biggest thing are my efforts recently to reach out and make more connections. That’s an ongoing process and I’m learning to continue to make connections and meet new people and do those things. I’ve been doing that for a while.

A while back, I want to say probably more than a year ago, I made a connection with who is now a person I consider a friend. They’ve been very successful with their business.

The point of the matter is, I’ve been very encouraged. This person is a great person. I’ve been to a couple of his conferences and he just produces great content.

He’s been really, really successful with his business. I’ve been able to build a friendship with him over the last year or so, give or take.

Anyway, we’ve worked on a couple things together. One of the things that we did recently that’s just been an outrageous success has been he sent one of my lead magnets out to his list. It was an incredible success. I was so floored.

On Saturday morning, I opened up my computer and started looking at my stats and my analytics as I normally do early in the morning. That’s kind of part of my morning routine is to go through and see where I’m at with subscribers and see what my site traffic looks like and sales and that kind of thing.

So I’m going through and I’m looking at my site traffic and I see this huge spike on Saturday morning and I’m like, “That’s unusual. I don’t even know where that would be coming from.”

So I started doing a little looking around. I’m looking at ConvertKit which is what I use for my email system. There was a huge spike there, too. I’m like, “Wait a minute that means that he sent out that lead magnet” and I was floored.

We’ve been working on that for a couple weeks now. And I didn’t know when that was going to actually go out, but I had an idea. I was just floored. It’s been a really incredible success.

I’m super excited about that. I’ve added almost 200 subscribers to my list just from that particular email blast that he sent out the other day which was really awesome.

And the residual effects continue to flow in which is awesome as well. So I was super psyched about that and it’s one of those things as we talk about this— this is an adventure in digital marketing, right? It’s a test lab. It’s an exploration.

It’s great to see something that has worked so well and has been such a huge success. So I’m super psyched about that. It’s been a really huge boost to my list.

I’m really encouraged about that. One of the other things too that I’ve been working on and I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m finally putting the finishing touches on my WordPress website blueprint book.

This book is going to be a kind of a workbook blueprint kind of concept where you can put it on your desk and just work your way through it as I walk you through all of the steps to on how to build your own self hosted WordPress site.

The biggest thing for me is there are lots of people out there that are promoting different things most of it revolves around BlueHost and their affiliate deal and that kind of stuff, and what people do there.

Once they get WordPress installed for you, there’s really not a lot that is good in terms of what you do with WordPress after that. So this book is my take on that because I build WordPress websites all day, every day. That’s what I work on.

95% I think I’ve said before of the websites that I work on are WordPress websites. The biggest thing for me really then has been trying to figure out a way to help people to build their own websites.

Something that is supplemental to these installation things. This book is all about that. It’s the whole purpose behind it. I go over how to do the installation from signing up from your host to picking a domain name, to learning how to use the WordPress dashboard and posts and plugins and pages and the media center.

It got stuff on how to use the new Gutenberg editor and more. I’m super excited about that. We’re in the final stages of wrapping that book up and hopefully here in the next couple of weeks that’ll be out and ready to go.

So those are just a couple things that I wanted to touch base on today. More about what’s going on in my digital marketing world will be coming up soon. Until then signing off. Take care

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