Web Design Business Myths – Don’t Let This Slow You Down!

Common Myths About Building Your Web Design Agency

The biggest barriers to building your successful web design business are the LIES you’re telling yourself

Maybe it’s your insecurities rearing their ugly head. Or maybe it’s something else.

Not sure where these lies come from, but they’re a cancer that eats away at your dream of building your own web design business and lets it die on the vine before it ever sees the light of day.

If you listen to the “voice” telling you lies telling about what you’re “supposed” to believe about your skills you’re never going to make the progress you’re dying to make!

Like this lie for instance:

How about the lie that you have to be a super-programmer nerd or have this extensive knowledge of code to have success in your web design business?


I bought into that myth before I learned the truth.

I figured out this was a lie after the first time I built a website for a client.

Instead of listening to the “voice”, I decided I was going to do something to make my dream come true.

So I committed myself to doing something amazing for my client, listening to everything they said about what he wanted and needed. We talked about everything the site was supposed to cover and do.

Then I worked my tail off to create a fantastic site, figuring out a lot of stuff along the way, and it turned out great even so.

I have to say – I was pretty pleased with myself and my work.

But most importantly, the client got a great site and was super happy.

And now I was a professional web designer with my first of many clients on my roster!

It was a win/win/win.

Sure, my coding skills have come a LONG way since then, but the TRUTH is there are now so many tools that you don’t need to know how to code to build a web design business and build beautiful websites for your clients!

You can even do complex projects without knowing how to program at all!

For example, you can build:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Sales funnel websites
  • Membership websites
  • Subscription box websites
  • Blogs and personal brand websites
  • and more…

… all without being a coding guru!

In fact, the first couple big projects I did, I had no idea how to do them going in.

True story.

But I figured it out, got ’em done, and they turned out better than I expected, and in the end, the clients were thrilled.

And I got paid.

So if you’re struggling with your confidence in your coding skills and worried you can’t win the bigger, better clients, because you’re concerned about the list of programming languages you can’t put on your resume right now:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • ReactJS
  • Etc…

If that sounds familiar, then I got you covered.

The Web Design Agency Blueprint that I’ve created for my web designer coaching clients is specifically designed to help overcome not just the coding issue but a lot more!

If you want to get your hands on the material that I teach to my students like:

  • My go-to resources on how to build beautiful sites, FAST to increase your profitability while working LESS
  • How to win new, bigger budget clients without having to add another programming language to your skillset
  • How to write amazing and PROFITABLE proposals that have your prospect DYING to work with you, and upselling themselves
  • How you can quickly & easily market yourself to the PERFECT customers
  • How to position your services like a PRO and overcome price objections before your prospect even makes them
  • And a LOT more…

I’m going to cover all these things that have taken YEARS to put together (years of learning things the hard way, failing and succeeding) in an upcoming live training.

I’m making this available to you because I want you to be able to learn from my mistakes so that you can start earning what your knowledge, skills, and abilities are actually WORTH.

Now, because I’m getting flooded with DMs these days I need to change things up – if I get 100 comments and shares on this post I’ll invite each of you to this live training – for free.

So, if you want my battle-tested, under-the-radar, proven web business strategies, drop a comment below with your hometown, and let’s get your business going!

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  • Donna J Houge

    Hi Rob,

    I live in Venice, FL and I am trying to learn web development online. I’ve been learning HTML, CSS, Git/GitHub and Bootstrap through a variety of sources. It’s a bit of a slog, and I feel like it will be ages before I am employable or able to get clients. I need to transition out of the grocery biz, and I would love to hear about how to do it faster!

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