Marketing Your Website: 14 Tips For Making Your Website Irresistible

Step-by-step guide to making sure you don't forget any crucial parts of your new website

I’m not a marketing guru. Far from it, and I don’t claim to be.

But I am someone who’s always learning, experimenting and testing things out to see how I can put them to work for myself and my clients.

Because marketing is something a lot of people struggle with. Including me.

The stories are everywhere about how someone has become a raving success and their site is making tons of money for them online.

What you don’t hear about is all the hours of work put in to create that success. All the hours put into writing their email sequences. All the hours put in building their landing pages and lead magnets.

Because it’s not really as glamorous, amirite?

So, it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement of seeing what others are doing and miss the basics.

That’s why I’ve put this list together.

Because I’ve learned a few things, especially when it comes to setting your website up to make it into a marketing hub.

The things I’m talking about are the baseline features and tools that you need to have in place to put yourself in a position to be successful.

So let’s talk a little about getting started on the right foot by putting some things in place.

Before we do though, I want to invite you to download the Ultimate WordPress Start-Up Guide here.

I built this guide so that you will have all the tools, tips, and resources at your fingertips so you can start your new website project the right way.

Create Your Newsletter Opt-in Form

There are a variety of great tools available for email marketing. Make sure you’ve got a form on your site that users can use to opt in to your email newsletter.

Set Up Your Social Sharing Icons

You want two things from social sharing tools on your site: First, you want people to be able to connect with you personally and find you on your various social platforms. Second, you want people to be able to share your content so make sure you’ve got tools to do both.

Set Up Your Social Media Profiles

Make sure your social media profiles are awesome. This means great cover images, great descriptions, and everything is up to date.

Set Up Your Profile On Gravatar.com

Make sure your main, best email is connected at gravatar.com. This will make a lot of things like signing in, and managing comments a lot easier, plus it will give you a uniform presence.

Keep Titles To 60 Characters Or Less

For posts and pages, shoot for 60 characters in total length. This will help with search indexing, and it’s also usually the first thing a visitor to your site will read. Keep it succinct, and informative.

Keep Meta Descriptions to 150 Characters or Less

This description is usually what shows beneath the link on search engine results pages.

Set Up Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin I mentioned during the set up stage is a fantastic tool that will help you get a lot of SEO basics in place for your site as a whole, and each piece of content individually. Make sure you’re  thorough in getting this set up properly.

Create a Social Sharing Plan

Sharing your content via various social media channels is a great way to get eyes on your content and traffic to your site. Figure out how often you’re going to post, what you’re going to use to do it, and what
channels you’re going to use.

Create an Outreach Plan

Pat Flynn talks about creating an outreach list that consists of making a list of 200 blogs, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, YouTubers, and more (200 each) to reach out to and build relationships with.
Create a list that will be a great fit for your target audience and deliver value to those people.

Create A Plan For Paid Traffic Via Facebook

Facebook is always changing and if you want to find people who are looking to learn from what you can help them with, look no further than paid traffic through Facebook. Rick Mulready and Amy Porterfield are two great resources for this.

Create A Plan for Paid Traffic via Google

Much like Facebook mentioned previously Google Adwords is a great option to find new audiences. Perry Marshall is the one to look to here.

Create Flagship Content

You want to create epic content pieces that will serve as the cornerstone for your brand. When I think of epic content, I think of detailed, comprehensive, 2,000+ word pieces that are the things you’ll be known for.

Create a Lead Magnet

Entice site visitors to opt-in to your list by creating a guide or a checklist of some kind that they’ll find informative and helpful.

Create a Lead Capture Page

Creating a well-designed lead page will help collect important information while delivering valuable resources to your target audience.

Next Steps

The next step that you need to take is to get the Ultimate WordPress Start-Up Guide here.

I built this guide so that you would have all the things you need to start a new website project with WordPress right at your fingertips.

This guide will allow lead you down a path that covers it all in an easy-to-understand way so that your new website is a success from day one.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the crucial steps in getting your new website project online by following the steps in this guide.


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