Weekend Web Roundup – New Stuff Edition

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This week's web roundup was one of finding a lot of new things to try. I'm always searching for ways to get better and run more efficiently and I think I may have found a good one in Workflowy. Google+ continues to draw skeptical reviews due to its low adoption rate.

Its critics have a point in the sense that it has nowhere near the usage that Facebook has, and probably never will and Pinterest has flown past it too. But I rarely hear much about what a valuable tool it can be for SEO and businesses and how Google+ pages are indexed and served on SERPs where Facebook isn't. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

So, as you get ready for your week, dig in and enjoy. Lots of good stuff here this week. And if you found something that was particularly awesome let me know if the comments below.

  • Adobe unveils Photoshop CS6 beta with redesigned UI and 65 new features – The beta version of the next edition of Photoshop and this beta version is available as free download. But really, how much more awesome can Photoshop get? and 65 new features? Wow.
  • Does Your Facebook Marketing Annoy People? – Maria Forleo is awesome and gives some great tips about how she uses Facebook and how successful Facebook marketing doesn't have to annoy your "friends" in order to reach your target market. Great stuff.
  • YouTube can auto-edit your dark, shonky videos for you – Adding decent videos to YouTube just got a little bit easier with new features to remove shakes and shades. This way, your visitors can watch your videos without getting dizzy or not having a clue about what's happening.
  • A New Concept for Mobile Phone Service – Ting – This is something that I came across this week that I thought was very interesting. I've long thought that traditional cell phone plans and contracts needed a fresh approach, maybe this is it?
  • Park At My House – A Smarter Way To Park – Speaking of interesting new services, I thought this one was very interesting. If you live in a college football town you can see the utility of a service like this. This has been a very informal service around Tallahassee for years, someone is now making it in to a venue where homeowners with extra space can help people find creative parking arrangements.
  • Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter – Posterous has now been acquired by Twitter. I'm curious what they'll do with the simple blogging and group service. I've long been a fan of Posterous, lets hope that it turns out better than the new Tweetdeck.
  • Create your own personal website sandbox  – From my favorite Lullabots, learn how to turn your local computer in to a webserver using Mac OS X, Windows, or Ubuntu. Those Lullabots are so smart!
  • The Mounting Minuses of Google+ – There is definitely a couple clear camps when it comes to Google+, those that see all that can be done, how it's indexed by Google and therefore great for businesses, and those that think it's another solution from Google that's destined for the recycle bin.
  • Workflowy List Creation Tool – If you look around a little bit, you'll see that Workflowy really isn't all that new. But it is to me and I'm experimenting with this to see if it can streamline my work and help with getting things done. The jury is still out, but I like what I see.