Weekend Web Roundup – Redemption Edition

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Don't you love it when people do the right thing? This week the world heard about Karen Klein, who was the object of egregiously hateful taunting by a bunch of middle school kids on a bus. But this isn't about how the kids, it's how her story went viral and the internet responded in force. As of this morning the campaign that was originally started to send her on a nice $5000 vacation has raised more than $600,000 for her so she can retire! Wow.

It's these kinds of stories that restore a little bit of faith in humanity.

This week I found some great stuff while working on a couple different projects. I found a fantastic archive of great logo work to use as inspiration, an ingenuous flow chart from Julien Smith on getting things done, and Kimbra.  

I never heard of her before last weekend but the video linked up below is flat out awesome. She is incredibly talented. Enjoy!