Weekend Web Roundup – ‘When it Rains it Pours’ Edition

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Lots of good things happening these days – when it rains it pours! I'm really excited about a couple new clients who've recently come on board. These are really cool projects that will be really fun to build.

There has been so much good stuff coming out lately. LinkedIn and Twitter have parted ways, and that was probably for the best. We recently cancelled Netflix at our house, and I wonder what will happen with them. I'm still of the opinion that the future of virtually all video is will be on the internet. The only problem is that Netflix content is just not very good. It reminds me of walking in to Blockbuster Video in days long past, and seeing a whole lot of movies no one was interested in watching.

Of particular note is the post on libraries. I love books, I love design, and when these two things collide it's awesome.

What awesome stuff did you find this week?