Five Cool Ways to Use Your Branded Domain Email

cool-email-hacks-smOne of the great things about hosting your own branded platform is you get to use custom email addresses for your domain name.

But, if you’re like me, you may not have put a lot of thought in to it, and you just set up your name, or an “[email protected]” address, but not much else.

But there is so much more you can do when you own your platform! The point isn’t to make things more complicated, but to create some rules for how you use email addresses to sign up for stuff.

Let’s face it, email isn’t going away, and there is a never-ending stream of sites, people, and apps that require you to submit an email address when you sign up or need to communicate with them.

Email is such a huge part of anyone’s platform, so it makes sense to find some unique ways to make use of your branded email capabilities that you get through your hosting service.

Here are a few cool ideas I’ve set up for myself that you can use for email addresses to help you keep your inbox organized.

Newsletters @

Use a [email protected] for all newsletters you sign up for. It’s easy to filter messages by email address, and this makes it easy to sort them.

This is the one that was the spark of inspiration for setting up email addresses like this. I needed a solution to use for newsletters that I was interested in hearing from, but didn’t want them in my main inbox. I created this email address and used it to filter all the email newsletters I have signed up for to keep them out of my main inbox, and to get them in to a place where I could look at them later, and it works like a charm.

Purchases @

Use a [email protected] for all the stuff you buy online. That way you don’t have to use your personal, or regular domain name to submit to Amazon, NewEgg, or anywhere else you’re making purchases online.

It’s also a great way to sort your licenses for software and stuff you buy online. I keep all my software license emails in a specific notebook in Evernote, this just makes that process one step easier.

Social @

Use a [email protected] for all the social sites that you belong to, and all those you register for going forward. No more Facebook updates coming in to your inbox, no more Twitter notifcations getting mixed in with your important emails. It will de-clutter your inbox in a huge way and help you stay focused on the things you need to focus on when you’re in your inbox.

Me @

Use a [email protected], or something else like it, for your exclusive personal email that you only give out to certain people. Any time this email shows up in your inbox you know that you want to hear from that person and it will make it easier to check those emails.


Using these kinds of email addresses makes it so much easier to set up filters if you’re using Gmail, or some other email management platform, and organization and streamlining things is the ultimate goal because keeping your inbox streamlined is incredibly important.

It’s so easy to just to throw your regular email address in to the email field for anything you sign up for, but with just a little creativity, you can make email a much easier tool to use.

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