How to Get Started with Finding High Traffic Keywords

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Finding relevant, high-traffic keywords are vital to any site’s success. Of course you don’t need me to tell you that. But what’s important about what is covered here is that you need to find high-traffic keywords that you can actually get ranked for.

A lot of times you may find a keyword that is a relevant keyword phrase for your site but either the traffic for that particular keyword is virtually insignificant, or it’s overwhelmed with competition from large, highly-optimized sites that you have little to no chance of penetrating.

Keyword research can be daunting. I’ve seen sites that have outstanding rankings but are doing little in the way of producing actual results because the keyword phrases aren’t as relevant to their site as they should be. You need to first find relevant keywords for your site, then your goal is to find high-traffic keywords – but how do you actually do that? There are good tools available to you to help you do this.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

adwordsThis is a very easy tool to use, as are most Google tools. It’s completely free and can been a great resource for finding high-traffic keywords. You can research keyword phrases and learn about their competition globally and locally. One of the great things here is it will generate variants and combinations based on the keyword phrases that you submit.

One thing to pay attention to here is the CPC cost on the right. This indicates what AdWords users are bidding on average per click for that particular keyword which can help you see that there is value for that particular keyword phrase. Take a look at the competition and weigh that in conjunction with the monthly searches globally and locally.

Use these in conjunction with your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to find out how your site is performing and the improvements you can make.

Market Samurai

After a long time of struggling with figuring out how to do this efficiently, I found the best SEO software (affiliate link) out there and I use it all the time. I originally found this tool on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income website and after using the free trial I was hooked. I use it for my own sites as well as those of my clients to help them with SEO on their sites. The videos are outstanding in helping you get accustomed in how to use this tool.

I don’t know about you, but the work that I do consumes a lot of time and energy. There are free ways to achieve what this tool does, but for me it’s a huge time-saver, and eliminates the guesswork and headaches.

This is a great application that is fantastic for keyword research. There are a ton of premium keyword tools out there but I’m more than satisfied with Market Samurai. I’ve been using Market Samurai for a few months now and although I’m still a beginner using this tool I’ve found it quickly and easily cuts through all the guess work and time-consuming work that can often be a part of keyword research.

Download the trial (affiliate link) and give it a spin yourself – the trial version is totally free. If you are in the market for a premium keyword research tool you can’t go wrong with this application.

This is by no means any sort of all-inclusive list of tools, these are just the tools that I use. Do you have tools that you use to find high-traffic keywords? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below – share the wealth! Let us all know what you’re using!

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