WPLaunch Holiday Special Offer – You Have To See This

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wpl-qu-aA while back I talked about a new service that I was setting up to help with WordPress site setup. The whole goal of what I’m trying to do there is to remove barriers for people to get started with their sites. No barriers, no excuses.

The bottom line is that it’s really time to ship something. That’s what WPLaunch is all about.

It’s also that time of year when crazy deals are all over the place, and I wanted to put out my own crazy deal. 

Right now you can get the Blogger Kit at WPLaunch for $97.

This is $200 off the regular price. But it gets better. The annual renewal for WPLaunch is $127, but during this deal, if you get in on this deal the renewal will only be $97 – $30 off the regular price!

This one is too good to pass up. I almost didn’t run it because I thought maybe I was cutting too deep, but I wanted you to see what an amazing value WPLaunch really is. It’s a fantastic value at the regular price – at this price it’s a no-brainer.

But as all good things are only limited in availability, this deal is only open until midnight Eastern time on Friday December 5th. At 12:01 December 6th, this deal is gone, so don’t wait.

What’s the catch? The only catch is you have to use this link. That’s it. Really. 

I’ve been filling the orders as fast as they come in – turn-around time on this deal is as good as it gets if you’re thinking about going the self-hosted route for WordPress.

Let me know what questions you have!