What Are You Made Of? What Could You Do if EVERYTHING Was On The Line?

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 35

I read a book several years ago that represented a serious paradigm shift for me. It made things perfectly clear about what’s at stake and what’s required. The question then came back to me: what could I do if everything that I held dear was to be lost if I didn’t come through? It’s a fascinating thought experiment, and for some people it’s a reality. My answer to that question is what this podcast is all about.

Show ‘Em What Your Made Of!

Hey everybody, welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. I’m Rob Orr. It is bright and early here on a Wednesday morning. I am cold. It is unseasonably cool out here in Northern Florida. I’m loving every second of it, but it is unusual for us to be this cold this early in the year or this late in the year.

Usually don’t get this until like January. But anyway, hope everybody’s doing great. I hope that everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I hope that everybody enjoyed Black Friday and Cyber Monday and got some incredible deals.

Holiday Promotion Results

This year was a very slow year for me when it comes to that stuff. I talked about the offer that I had for myself for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That didn’t go real well. I was really hoping for some better results from that. On the other side of it, I didn’t spend a lot of money either so that was good.

Right now, I am still in the learning phase and I am learning and talking about everything that I’m working on what’s working, what’s not working. I’m going to talk about two things today. Real quick to kind of just touch on what’s not been working.

The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint

As you well know, if you’ve been listening to this podcast or you’ve heard any of the other episodes or seen my blog or my YouTube channel, I have the book that I created which is the Ultimate WordPress blueprint book. That is a book that is specifically designed to help you build and launch your self-Hosted WordPress site. Great, right?

That part actually has been going pretty well. We’ve had some modest wins there. I’ve been getting a lot of organic traffic on that which was really kind of my goal. And I’ve added a bunch of subscribers to my list from that. And that was really one of the things that I wanted to do because if you know anything about the core of my business and why I’m doing what I’m doing, my whole goal is to help people do business better online.

What that means is do it more efficiently and do it faster and overcome the technology hurdles and the frustrations and the headaches that I had when I was first trying to get started trying to figure out how to do business online or just start a business online or maybe you’re not even trying to start a business, but you just want to start a blog.

Whatever it is, my goal is to help you because I think back to several years ago when I was struggling to find my place, I had been working in online business. I had been learning to become a web developer and this is going way back.

Resources Were Scarce!

I remember how hard it was to find resources and good tools to learn. That’s why I have decided that I want to be one who creates those kinds of things to help you. To make everything more accessible and to accelerate your launch and your ability to do business online.

You want to start your business, build your business, and launch your business, whatever it may be. That’s the whole idea. That’s the whole motivation behind my business because I want to help people break free of their traditional job. That doesn’t mean that you have to quit your traditional job.

Building Margin In To Your Life

That means that you are not completely just strapped in and completely 100% on your traditional job or your spouse’s traditional job for your income. I want you to be able to– if you want to build a business that allows you to quit your job or build a business that supplement your income.

Maybe you build a business to where you profit maybe $1,000 or $2,000 a month and you’re able to pay your mortgage payment with it. Those kinds of things. I’ve read multiple streams of income many years ago. It seems like that was like almost 20 years ago now.

Multiple Streams of Income

I was floored by that concept and I know what it’s like to feel like you’re trapped in a miserable job that you don’t want, that you don’t enjoy, that you’re doing just because you have to have a paycheck and you have to put food on the table. You’ve got responsibilities and those kinds of things.

So, if that’s you, if you’re somebody who is looking to build something online because you want to break free then this is for you. The WordPress blueprint book is for you. This podcast is for you. The things that I do online are here to help you because I remember what it’s like to be in the situation so I want to help you do business better online. Does that make sense?

Progress Report

Anyway, so two things that I mentioned. Real quick, my Black Friday bundle didn’t really go as well as I wanted it to go. I knew Black Friday was coming. It’s not like it was a surprise to anybody, but I hadn’t done enough prep work I think to put together a great offer. I still think my offer was awesome. I still think that what I put together in my bundle was really good.

Here’s the thing though is I got lots of clicks on to my offer page from my email list. The emails that I sent in conjunction with my Black Friday because I really only promoted this to my list into to my Facebook group. The Facebook group is really, really small and just getting Started.

It’s still kind of an experimental phase there, but if you’re interested you can go and join that. I’ll put that in the show notes. You can click here to join my Facebook group. That’s a private group, by the way.

Anyway, the idea was to put together this offer that was a bundle of all the stuff that’s associated with the WordPress blueprint workbook. Then put that together because one of the things that I’ve been getting a lot of requests for lately is to do one on one coaching.

I’m like, “Man, wouldn’t it be great if I put together a bundle and then put in a one-hour coaching session for limited number of slots and see maybe we can get some people to jump on board with that and we can fill up those slots.”

All the promo and all of the stuff that I did with that. I don’t know if my price point wasn’t right or what, but it didn’t really go as well as I thought it was going to go. I probably should have put some more thought into it. People were offering much deeper discounts on stuff on Friday and throughout the weekend.

That’s fine, too. My price point was 197. That was the course, the book, the digital book, the physical book and then a bundle of other accessory items, content blueprint, the current version of it and several guides and stuff like that. All of which I think are really valuable.

Figuring Things Out

I was a little surprised at how well it didn’t go. So I am in the process of just kind of digging through that and seeing maybe where I went wrong on that. The other thing that I wanted to talk about today is commitment. This actually goes back to another book that I read several years ago called The One Minute Millionaire.

I don’t know if you know about this book. This was kind of two books in one. The concept of the book was very interesting. Basically, it had this idea of multiple streams of income. The foundation for the story, the instruction and the story that they tell about this mom.

To make a long story short, the mom has lost her husband. Her husband died suddenly and she is the mom of two kids and her in laws are trying to take custody of their kids. Because every story has to have a villain, right? Her motivation is to build these businesses so that she can build her net worth so that she can meet the agreement that she came to with her in laws in order to be able to maintain custody of their kids.

What Are You Really Capable Of?

The thing that really stuck with me in that book and that I keep coming back to over time is if you are pushed into a corner and your life absolutely dependent on it, what can you achieve? If you stop and you think about that, what would you be able to do if you were pushed into a corner and you are going to lose your kids? If you didn’t pull through and you didn’t make things happen.

This was– I don’t know if my daughter was born yet when I read this book for the first time or she was an infant. She’s almost 15 now. I was completely floored by that. The mindset of that really stuck with me and so I keep coming back to that. I’m thinking, “Man, am I pushing myself as hard as I could?

Am I too comfortable with my level of progress this far? Am I not giving everything that I should be giving when it comes to working on my business or just working in my job or delivering value to you?” If I was pushed into a corner, what can I really do? I want to ask you that question yourself.

So, think about that for yourself. If you’re pushed into a corner, what you could you do? For me, it’s like a whole different level of action. If I was pushed into that kind of corner where I’d be losing my family, if I didn’t pull through. Sometimes when it comes to being successful online, you have to have that kind of motivation.

When it comes to persevering or working hard because the thing about your comfort zone is it’s comfortable. It’s really hard to push yourself outside of that. It’s a lesson that I try to teach my daughter is that you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to get the things in life that you want to do. Because if it was easy or if it were comfortable then everybody would be doing it.

And so I keep coming back to this story and thinking about this lady in this book and obviously the book ends on a positive note, but it reminds me– am I hustling hard enough? That doesn’t mean that I need to be staying up till four o’clock in the morning just beating myself to death.

Being Obsessed With The Right Things

Am I (to use a couple other books for example) am I obsessed with the right things? Be obsessed to be average by Grant Cardone is a fantastic book. I absolutely love that book. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Am I another Grant Cardone book? Am I putting 10x effort into my work regardless of what my work is if it’s in my day gig or if it’s in my business or even my family or my health.

That’s another thing that I’ve been working on is I’m out and I’m starting to jog again. The pain in my body is sometimes very, very uncomfortable.

Last night I went for a run and I really enjoyed it. I enjoy having run not necessarily the act of running, but my body was aching pretty good when I was done. It’s pushing through. So always pushing through.

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to leave you with. If you haven’t checked that book out, it’s an older book. It’s definitely dated in terms of the stuff that they talked about. The concept of commitment that they talked about in that book, The One Minute Millionaire is really intense.

And when it comes to being successful online, we have to be intense. You have to work hard. The notion that you can just build a website and you’re going to have all of this passive income and stuff like that. It’s a fantasy. It’s not reality.

What Would You Produce If You Were Pushed Into A Corner?

There’s a lot of work that goes into building any kind of business online. And so if you were pushed into a corner and you absolutely had to deliver or you are going to lose your family. You’re going to lose your wife. You’re going to lose your husband. You’re going to lose your children. What could you produce?

That’s a really kind of harsh way of looking at it, but with the control being in your hands, everything is up to you and your ability to produce. What could you push yourself to be able to do? That’s what I want to leave you with.

That’s what I’m challenging myself with. So as we end this last month of the year, let’s keep working hard and keep pushing and take all of the work that we’re trying to do and push ourselves to the next level and work on producing results and keep doing, keep producing, keep shipping, keep publishing, keep working on everything that you’re working on and you’re going to get there.

There are going to be results that will be had. That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you guys are doing great. I hope you have a great day. Until next time, we’ll talk later. Bye.

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