What WordPress Theme Should I Use?

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 41

We all get super-excited when we’re getting started online. We want just the right kind of look and feel, we want to have the right colors, and right layout, and all the other stuff that goes along with having a great-looking, professional WordPress website. So the question soon follows: what theme should I use? How can I know if a theme is right for me? That’s what I’m talking about today in episode #41 of the podcast – you don’t want to miss this one!

What WordPress Theme Should I Use For My WordPress Site?


Welcome back everyone to Adventures in Digital Marketing. I’m Rob Orr. I’m your host. It is a crisp and cool morning here in Tallahassee, Florida. The big thing that I’ve got on my mind this morning is talking about what theme you should use for your new WordPress website.

That’s what we’re going to get into today. One quick programming note that you might want to put in your calendars is tomorrow afternoon 4pm Eastern time, I’m going to be going live on Facebook to talk about the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing.

I know in the last episode, I kind of introduced that topic but and I mentioned that I was going to be talking about that here and I will. That is the plan and I will definitely be doing that. What I wanted to do is something just a little bit different.

I wanted to introduce that whole concept on a video. I figured it would be a little bit more easily absorbed and consumed and maybe do a little QA for those that hop on the live.

It’ll also be on the YouTube channel. But I wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity to talk to you virtually face to face about that and introduce the whole concept. Thursday, which will be January 9 at 4pm Eastern time, I’m going to be on Facebook Live to talk about the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing.

I would love for you to tune in to see that. You can connect with me on Facebook and join my group if you go to digitalmarketingmasteryhq.com that will take you to the Facebook group. You will then be able to join the group there. That’s what I’m going to be doing that. That video will be there.

Anyway, that’s that I hope to see you there. I’m really excited about it. This digital marketing concept the Seven Pillars is one of those things that were years of kind of study and work have come together to kind of crystallized my thoughts about what the essential pieces are for digital marketing.

I think that it will be really helpful. I’m going to be doing a lot of stuff on that this year. That’s that. What I want to talk about today is a question that I get a lot. What seems to be happening is when you’re starting your blog or your work, your website, those kinds of things.
The challenge is that you want your site to look great out of the box. We’ve talked about that before about how to not get bogged down in worrying about the details of web design and overthinking that part of it. This is a little bit of a different approach I think because one of the questions that I’ve been seeing a lot lately is, how should I—what themes should I use because I’m really struggling with this particular kind of theme?

And really what’s happening is this so people are getting started and they’re using or they’re being recommended to sign up for purchase the premium version of a page builder based theme. What that means, a Page Builder is basically it’s kind of a drag and drop kind of interface where you are able to put together a bunch of different blocks and things like that so that you can create the display that you want.
They’re really great. I actually use a page builder in some of my custom design [inaudible 00:04:15]. It actually works really well for people like me that they’re able to really quickly build websites using this page builder concept without having to go into the code.

Now, there’s the other part of me as a web developer who doesn’t really like the code bloat. They come along comes along with that, those kinds of things. That’s another story for another day. But for our discussion in terms of getting a website done in a rock solid kind of way, a page builder can be a good option if you are familiar with how to use it.

The issue that I’ve seen coming up though lately is this new people are starting websites and blogs and what they’re seeing and what they’re doing is they’re having trouble working with page builder base themes.

So what a page builder base theme, unless you’re getting a child theme that goes along with that is it puts the responsibility for creating the web design on you. You’re the one who is responsible for creating your look, your feel and those kinds of things.

Then the challenge then also becomes you need to know what widgets are, how they’re placed, what things you want placed where, how to use the templating system inside these page builders so that you can be able to build out your page. A lot of times that’s really challenging for people.

There’s been a lot of people recently that I’ve seen and questions that I’ve received that where people are using a Divi based theme. Divi is one of those page builder based themes.

So what’s happening is people are getting overwhelmed with the kind of required knowledge and understanding that a Divi theme requires and what ends up happening is they get derailed with worrying about this look and feel of their website.

Instead of focusing on creating content which is the whole reason that they created their blog to begin with there and ending up becoming the de facto web designer. That really is nothing that you want to be mixed up with doing if that’s not your zone of genius.

Here’s the challenge there so if you want a great looking website, but you don’t want to be buried in the tech details that come along with building out a page builder based theme then what are you supposed to do?

Because you see these influencers and these authorities in the blogging world are talking about how to build your site based on Divi or element or is another one. There’s several different page builders.

So what do you as somebody who’s new to online business, what do you do to try to kind of overcome that hurdle? Well, my recommendation is for people getting started is that you use what I call a plug and play theme. What that means is it’s a theme that you can use out of the box.

You basically go through the configuration steps, do the installation and then do a couple of little things here to create your menus, set your sidebars and stuff like that. You basically have a theme that’s done for you. It’s completely done.

So you’re not responsible for trying to figure out the web design aspect of that. You’re not responsible for trying to figure out colors and those kinds of things. Although a plug and play theme can do that. A lot of times those themes answer those questions for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

The one that I use a lot of times and the themes that I use in my WP Launch service is called StudioPress. We use a variety of different themes. We’ve got custom themes there, but the biggest challenge that we run into is that people don’t want to get buried in the technical side of trying to build out a theme.

A StudioPress type theme and StudioPress isn’t the only one. There are other really well done premium themes that are out there that are available that are not based on page builders that you can look at using.

A lot of these things have gone into this using this page builder type approach, but there are still others like StudioPress themes that have that really fundamentally sound approach to building out your website. The idea is that you just plug it in and you’re ready to go. That’s what I recommend. Then the question comes, what theme should I use when I’m starting my WordPress site?

So if you’re a blogger, your business is going online for the first time. You’re a creator. You’re an artist. You’re an online entrepreneur trying to start a business that it doesn’t really matter what your particular niche is in the online world.

What really matters is your level of comfort working with the technology that is associated with getting the theme into place and if you are comfortable with that then a page builder base theme can really be a great asset to you because it does provide a lot of flexibility.

You have a lot of really powerful tools that you can use to build out some really awesome looking websites. Then the other side of that though also is, if you’re not comfortable with that then StudioPress is definitely the way to go.

You are definitely going to be in good shape by using a StudioPress theme. Like I said, it’s what we use and what we set our clients up with on WP Launch.

Again, it’s just about getting focused in on creating your content, doing your thing, starting to ship your art and being done with the technical side so that you can start the business or the content creation or the community building or the outreach work that you want to engage and to start making progress online.

I hope that makes sense. I hope that answers a question or two about what the challenges are when it comes to theming with WordPress. Because I really don’t want people to get stuck struggling with the tech piece. That’s a whole reason that I created WP Launch to begin with.

It is definitely the reason that you’ve got to use the right theme because otherwise you can end up just getting totally derailed from what you’re trying to do, what you’re trying to accomplish and get buried in the weeds with the tech side of things when you really should be focused in on creating your content. That’s that.

If you got any questions, you can leave a comment on this on my blog at http://roborr.net/. Would love to see any questions or thoughts or comments that you’ve got there. It’ll also be posted on to Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and all those other places.

You can ask your questions in those various different places as well, if you’d like. Don’t forget, coming up tomorrow 4pm Eastern Time introduction to the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing. And just as a little bit of a teaser, having a rock solid website is just one of those seven pillars.

Well, there are six other major components to successful online marketing. That’s what we’re going to talk about tomorrow. I really want to see you there. I hope everybody’s doing great.

Hope everybody’s staying warm this time of year. You guys take care. Have an awesome day and until next time. We’ll talk later. Bye

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