When Hiring A Website Designer Does Not Make Business Sense

Unless you're just itching to spend money don't hire a designer if a new design won't move your business forward

Most times hiring a website designer is the right thing to do to keep moving your business forward.

Getting the right design help can launch your website and online marketing efforts into the stratosphere by helping you get dialed in on strategy and build brand awareness.

A great web design and development company can help you build out the complex features you need, and deliver high-quality code that will provide your visitors with the top-notch experience that you crave.

But there are also times when you don’t need to hire a website designer to create a custom website design because it doesn’t move you toward your overall business goals.

Let me tell you a quick story about just such an occasion.

One time I got a request to do a quote for a redesign for a client who already had a website.

I started doing the standard research I always do – checking out their current site, going through a bunch questions I have on every project, and checking out other sites in their market space.

When I started to look at the sites of other businesses like theirs, I was astonished at how plain all the sites were across the board.

Some of the biggest high-profile organizations in their market had really bland and boring sites.

It really didn’t make a lot of sense, to say the least.

It’s the only time I can remember running into a business whose web presence had virtually no effect on their overall business efforts at all. The business simply didn’t need a website to help generate leads or inform their target market of anything related to their services.

Eventually, after discussing it and not being able to find a way to really move the needle for them in a meaningful way it was clear that they were fine with what they had and they decided to stick with their current site.

Their current website served their purpose and, despite my best efforts to find a way to increase value, there really wasn’t a way to justify spending the money on a new custom website design when they already had something that did what they needed.

Sometimes, in rare instances, businesses can get by with a minimal, basic web presence.

A nicely designed theme on a good content management platform can do the trick – whether that’s WordPress with a nice premium theme, or a Squarespace site that uses one of their numerous design options.

If you’re looking for a great guide to get started with WordPress you can download the Ultimate WordPress Start-Up Guide here to get everything you need to know about starting a new website project with WordPress.

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