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13 outstanding people on TikTok delivering tons of value

Who to follow on TikTok

Who To Follow On TikTokTikTok may have started as a lip-syncing dance show app for teens, but it’s become so much more than that.

Perceptions about TikTok as a platform have changed as users of all ages and walks of life have joined, and it has become an amazing resource for creators, marketers and entrepreneurs of all types.

The TikTok platform has matured and grown. It now includes some pretty incredible content creators that are putting together bite-sized bits of fantastic information.

One of the great things about this growth has been the quality of the content that you can now find to help you in your business.

So as someone who has become a huge fan of TikTok (Not going to lie – my wife and teenage daughter make fun of me for being on TikTok so much), I’ve collected several accounts that are consistently putting quality content that’s not only informative, but in the true spirit of the old days of TikTok, entertaining as well.

I’m not going to get into all the big names that everyone knows about like Gary Vaynerchuk and Russell Brunson (though you should definitely follow them too). Those are a given if you’re into marketing at all – I shouldn’t have to tell you you need to follow those guys.

I’m going to give you my own list of people I’m following in the marketing space. Some might be considered hidden gems. Some are not so hidden.

But they’re all fantastic and if you spend any time on TikTok at all, then you’ll want to check these people out too.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite entrepreneurial accounts, in no particular order or rank, on TikTok.

Spencer Mecham

Spencer is a rockstar in the affiliate marketing world. His no nonsense approach to finding ways that work to earn money online has made him into one of the must-see resources. Ignore his advice at your own peril.

Follow Spencer here: @spencerhacks

Torie Martin

These are the kinds of accounts that inspire me the most. She started a candle-making business that has absolutely exploded in growth. On her account, she details what she’s working on and what she’s doing – it’s amazing.

Follow Torie here: @toriemartin7

Nicole Wong

Nicole is amazing. She’s got tons of charisma and knows the TikTok platform well. She creates amazing videos that are what deliver tons of value and make you smile at the same time.

Follow Nicole here: @heynicolewong

Jesse Eckel

Jesse, according to his own words, is on a journey from $1 to a $1 million business. He’s got a great hook where he’s asking his audience to vote on what he should do next like should he change his pricing or stick with it as is? It’s compelling content that you need to check out.

Follow Jesse here: @jesseeckel

Simon Squibb

Simon is a very successful entrepreneur having started numerous companies and is also an angel investor who shares his experiences and insights to help other entrepreneurs along their journey.

Follow Simon here: @simonsquibb

Megan Gersch

I found Megan’s account by accident one day and I’m so glad I did. She’s a designer, branding expert and marketing coach. Her content is a fantastic source to help you navigate the world of digital marketing.

Follow Megan here: @megangersh

Reese Hilburn

Reese Hilburn is a tattoo artist and a business coach for other tattoo artists, helping them to build and grow their businesses using Instagram. What I love about her account is not only does she show off some amazing work, but I love her business tips – she’s amazing!

Follow Reese here: @theartofreese

Ace ?

I don’t know what his name is, he doesn’t put it on his profile, but that’s not all that important. What is important is the info you learn by following him. I’ve been fascinated with real estate forever, and when I found Ace’s account, I was instantly hooked.

Follow @investwithace here: @investwithace

Jeff Couret

Jeff has great content and what drew me to him initially was his content on how to capitalize on trends on TikTok and grow your following. He’s got a ton of tips and insights that are great for growing your following.

Follow Jeff here: @jeffcouret

Austin Armstrong

Austin Armstrong is great at finding hidden gems that will help you to grow in your business. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought, “wow, why didn’t I think of that?!?” when watching his content. Whether it’s SEO or social media growth, you’ll find great tips on his account.

Follow Austin here: @socialtypro

Rachel Pedersen

Rachel is the queen of social media. Seriously, she’s a natural. And her channel is full of great insights and tips about not only how to grow your business, but she’s also incredibly charismatic and empowering female entrepreneurs.

Follow Rachel here: @themrspedersen

Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap is a powerful woman who shares great content designed to help other women discover the power they have and build financial literacy and independence.

Follow Tori here: @herfirst100k

Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan Montoya is a former engineer who switched gears to building online business. His goal is to help people learn what it takes to start a side hustle while still in their 9-5 job and build a lucrative business.

Follow Jonathan here: @passiveincomelifestyles

Rob Orr

Last but not least, I’m just getting started on TikTok myself and I’d love to connect with you there where I’m sharing tips, tricks, and tactics I’ve learned in my career as a web developer, and how to build an online business from scratch.

Follow me here: @roborracle

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