Why I Decided To Give Away My WordPress Course

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 53

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a roadmap that showed you exactly what you need to build and launch your own self-hosted WordPress website?

One where you don’t need to know anything about how to code?

One where you don’t have to be some kind of tech guru to understand?

One where you could pull up a chair and watch over the shoulder to see how a web developer builds out new WordPress websites, without all the technical mumbo-jumbo, so you can build them for yourself?

Yep – I thought so too, so that’s what I created.

I’ve created a detailed 23-module training course on how to build and launch with self-hosted WordPress.

It’s exceeded my expectations, and my customers have loved it.

“The web course is money very well spent. Thank you very much. I have a great deal yet to learn and do, but it’s making sense!” – Kay Anderson

“I recommend Rob because when something breaks I don’t stress out. I just call Rob and his team. Stuff happens and when it does they’ll have your back.” – Andy Traub

“I love the work he does, he lets me feel safe, that my blog is protected from attacks, and all my stories are secure on the internet. I can count on Rob and his team to take care of the mechanics while I can focus on creating.” – Pamela Hodges

“You’ll cut many hours out of your learning curve and information seeking by just following his advice in this course.” – Mark Wilcox

And now I’m offering it for free!

Yep – you read that right.

It’s now completely free.

It’s now completely free and you can get it here:

You may be wondering if I’ve lost my mind.

Nope. But I can tell you there is a big reason why I’m doing this.

At every point for stuff I’ve given away the response is always “I cannot believe you’re doing this!” and “You should be charging for this!”

But I wanted to give it away for free so I can accomplish a couple things and that’s what I’m talking about in today’s episode of the Adventures In Digital Marketing Podcast.

You’ve now got 23 modules of WordPress training goodness on the way!

So if ANY of these are true:

  • Ever wonder how to build and launch a WordPress website?
  • Ever felt overwhelmed by all the tech involved?
  • Not even sure where to really start?

You’re in luck because I’ve got you covered!

All you need is a little desire and willingness to learn and you’ll have your site up and running in no time!

In this series I’m not leaving ANY steps out — we’re going to start from the very beginning.

And now that it’s free there are zero excuses anymore. It’s time get stuff done.

Reason Why I Decided To Give Away My WordPress Course

Good morning, everyone. Welcome back once again to Adventures in Digital Marketing. My name is Rob Orr. I am your host.

Today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit why I decided to give away my course on How to Build and Launch your own self-hosted WordPress Website. For a while you guys have known and you’ve heard me talk about some of the things that I’ve created around this course.

This is a course that I’ve charged $200 for, that I’ve had a lot of people sign up for and that have helped them build and launch their own self-hosted WordPress site. I’ve got a lot of content that’s associated with that, that I’ve been working over the last several months.

I decided, wouldn’t it be great if more people were able to get a hold of this material to build and launch website? Because the thing is, is I get lots of emails, it comes into Facebook Messenger, and it comes into my email inbox.

People are asking various different questions about different aspects of building and launching their WordPress site. I get questions about themes and plugins, hosting and domain names and all kinds of different things like that.

So what I decided to do is, I said, I’m just going to pull the trigger. I’m going to roll out all these videos and just launched the course for free. So, what I’m doing and I believe I’ve mentioned this on a previous podcast is that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week, I’m going to be rolling out another segment of the program.

Actually, the third segment is due to roll out today. You can go to my YouTube channel at roborr.tv to get access or to see the videos. They’re there. I’ve already got the first two up there.

So, what the motivation was I just wanted to be able to help more people. I wanted to build my YouTube following. There’s definitely something in this for me. I mean, I’m trying to do two things.

I’m trying to help as many people as I can. I’m trying to let people know how I can help them. So instead of continuing to charge for this course, I just decided to roll out all of the videos for free. Because it helps me answer questions.

Like I said, it helps me to have a resource to send people that will help them to build and launch their own self-hosted WordPress site. I figured, if Russell Brunson gives away so much content and so much training and he doesn’t charge for that, why can’t I do that?

So, I decided, I’m like, “You know what, I’m just going to pull the trigger.” There will still be some premium upgrades that are going to be available. There’s still will be a membership portion of this that is available where you’ll be able to go in and log in and get access to some upgraded assets and get a digital copy of the book, and not only a digital copy of the book, but get a physical copy of the book since she sent to you as well.


Build My YouTube Following

It was really two sides of a coin for why I’m doing this. Like I said, I wanted to be able to help more people and have a resource to send people to and I also wanted to build my YouTube following. I think these are pretty high quality videos. There’s 23 of them.

There’s going to be a lot of stuff that’ll be on my YouTube channel. It’s trickling out. There’ll be some additional things. I’m going to have an email sequence that I’m going to be using that will deliver every day a new segment of this course.

Then what I’m going to also do for the people that opt-in and pull the trigger on upgrading level, I can’t even think of what the word I’m looking for. It’s only 5:30 in the morning here. But when they choose to upgrade, not only will they get access to several additional training materials and checklists and workbooks and stuff like that, but I’m also going to continue to add additional content to that WordPress training that I’ve gotten in the membership side that will continue to be premium.


Delivering Super High Value on my YouTube Channel

So, there’s a couple of different aspects of this thing going on. Like I said, there’ll be an email that will deliver this as well. So I’m excited about this. The initial response that I’ve gotten has been really positive. I’ve been sharing it in a couple different places.

So far, just the manual installation video and the Getting Started video are out there. The third one will go out this morning. But the promotion and the sharing that I’ve done thus far have been really well received. That’s encouraging.

So, but then the other part of this is, is I’m like, “What can I do that would help people where I can deliver something that is super high value on my YouTube channel?” I’ve got lots of plans for videos. I’m still working on the video for my Funnel Hacking Live review. I’ll have that done soon.

Then I’ve got lots of other things that are coming on my YouTube channel, but I’ve already got this entire course in an all of these videos, which is hours of videos that I can roll out that’s going to help build my channel.

Because I want to definitely level up what’s happening there on my channel and help people to see what’s going on there. There’s some other people in my circle space on YouTube that are doing just amazing things.

I’ve been really kind of blown away to see what some of the competitors in my space are doing, and the number of subscribers that they’ve got, the number of views that they get on their video. I’m like, “Man, why am I not doing more of this?”

Because these people don’t know any more than I do. They’re not any better. Obviously, some people’s videos are more polished than mine. Because, who am I? I’m a one man video production company, but I enjoyed the video production part of it.

So it gives me the opportunity to do more of that stuff, too. So that’s the motivation. Like I said, I have a resource that I can use. It’s going to help new people. It’s going to help attract new people into my world.

Then also, a resource that I can send people to when they’re asking questions. I can say, “Hey, I got a video on this. You can go check this out.” As with all of my videos, all of these are also on my site at http://roborr.net/.

You will be able to see all of those in the accompanying transcripts as well. Transcripts are not on YouTube. The transcripts are on my website. So all of that is available there.


Got question about Digital Marketing?

That’s what I wanted to tell you about today. It’s something I’m really excited about.  I think that it’s going to be something that’s going to help both me in terms of building my YouTube channel and others for being able to have a resource that I can send them to when they have questions or need help on stuff.

That’s all I’ve got for today guys. Make sure that you leave me a rating on iTunes. Give me a thumbs up. Let me know what you want to hear. I definitely want to hear from you guys about the kinds of things that you would like to hear me cover in this podcast.

That would be really helpful to me. As you’re listening, just drop me a line. There’s a contact form at http://roborr.net/ or you can find me on any of the social media platforms, through my website as well.

So definitely let me know. Hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, wherever you are hanging out online. Let me know what you’d like to hear. Like I said, that’s all I’ve got for today. You guys, take care. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye.

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