Why knowing your dream customer is so important

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 93


What is up? Welcome back, everyone. If we have not met before, once again, my name is Rob Orr. I am your host. I wanted to just kind of touch base. I haven’t talked to you guys over the weekend. I wanted to come in and just talk to you for a couple minutes about some stuff that I’ve been working on.

Some of the things that I’m trying to figure out right now— I don’t know how much you paid attention to the content that I’ve been publishing lately. Some of the things that I’ve been talking about and whatnot, but one of the things that’s been really on the top of my mind for a while now, it has been this concept of really knowing your dream customer.

I want to tell you a little story real quick. One of the things that I figured out, I was reading, I think it was when Traffic Secrets came out. I was reading. It was talking about the dream customer, one of the things that just really jumped out at me when they were talking about dream customers was the fact that if you don’t know who your dream customer is, you don’t know how to solve their problems.

Russell told the story in that book about how he had built his business and he had built this thing that was generating money. He was winning customers and clients, but he hated going to work every day. He hated waking up and having to do what he was doing all of the time.

He soon figured out that he had built this job that was really just draining all of the life out of him. He figured out that he was talking to the wrong audience. He went in and he went back to his dream customer and he started looking at it again.

He started figuring out that his dream customer was actually a totally different person than the kinds of people that had been buying from him so far. It was like a mind blowing revelation to him. He figured out, he put two and two together and figured out, “Hey, if I use this different lead magnet, if I use something that is more in tune with what my dream client is actually going to want then I’m going to get rid of these customers that I don’t like working with.

I’m going to be able to start working with the ones that I do like working with.” He put that into action and started figuring out that that’s exactly what happened. He knew exactly what his dream customer was struggling with.

He knew how he could use his expertise to tune in and meet the needs of those people. When I read that it was just like somebody turned on a light for me. I could finally see clearly. It made a ton of sense to me that if you don’t know who your dream customer is then how are you going to be able to help them. The bad part about it is that you can end up helping the people that you’re really not interested in working with even though those may be the clients that you’re attracting.

What I’ve been doing, I’ve told you guys about a new program that I’m working on, or a new offer, I should say. Again, I can’t tell you too much about it yet because I’m still putting the different pieces together. The first thing that I did was I went back through my dream customer profile and realize— first off, I’m like, “Well, I have this dream customer profile that I built already, but it wasn’t fitting with what I was trying to do.”

I rebuilt the entire thing from the ground up with a new name, a new person living in a new place with something new going on in their life, new challenges those kinds of things. When I got that clear, it totally changed the way that I was looking at things.

It totally changed the way that I was able to see what I needed to do in terms of what the pain points were, what the challenges they were facing that needed to be addressed and how I could help them to take the next steps into that particular solution.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring it back up to you guys again today. Because this is something like I said that I’m working on myself, I don’t have all this stuff figured out. What I do know is that I’m working really hard every day to try to figure these things out.

That’s what I was struggling with. Now that I’ve got this stuff dialed in, me and my offer is awesome. I think you guys are going to be really excited about it especially if you have struggled with digital marketing at all.

I think you’re definitely going to be excited about it— content creators, the whole scenario. I figured it out. Like I told you guys the other day, in the Quick Tips Tuesday that I did. There’s a demand side and supply side to a value ladder.

I’ve got it all figured out for what I’m doing on the supply side. I’ve got it all figured out what I’m going to be doing on the demand side. Anyway, I just wanted to come in here real quick and tell you guys about that just touch base and let you guys know what I’m working on. Hopefully that will help.

For those of you who stopped in and saw this live, thank you very much for stopping by. I really appreciate that. For those of you that will catch us on the replay once again, thank you for taking some time out of your day to watch this.

What are you guys struggling with? That’s what I want to know. I’m trying to increase the engagement and trying to get some more conversations going on here in our group. Please let me know in the comments below or create a post in the group. Let me know what’s going on, what you’re struggling with because we got lots of great people in here.

We’ve got people in here that have groups that are a lot larger than this one that are doing really good with affiliate marketing. We got folks that are writers. We got folks that will help you build and create your offers. I can help you build your funnel.

There are so many different things. There are lots of people in here. Find the “who” that can help you get to the next step for what you’re trying to do. Thank you very much for taking the time to tune in today. You guys take care. We’ll talk to you later. Bye

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