Why Persistence & Refinement are VITAL To Progress & Success

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 25

When it comes to making progress toward your success in the digital marketing world there are few more valuable attributes than persistence and refinement. Because we’re all learning new things – things that are keys to success – sometimes it takes a while to get it right. And to make that progress it requires humility because you absolutely have to set your ego aside to be able to take in the learning you need. In this episode I’m talking about what I’m learning about building my Facebook group, my email list and how I’m pushing through to make progress toward meeting my goals.

Why Persistence & Refinement are VITAL To Progress & Online Business Success


Hey, welcome back, everybody. This is Rob Orr. This is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. It is bright and early here on a Wednesday, November 6 morning. I am as always on my way into the office here to go build the internet and go get some things done and that kind of fun stuff.

I just wanted to touch base real quick on just some progress that I’ve been making on the on the WordPress Blueprint funnel— the WordPress blueprint funnel I should say as I get a little ahead of myself, but things have been so far have been going really good. It’s getting the kind of response that I was hoping for when these things start unless you have just this gigantic, enormous community.

It takes a little bit of time to get going. I’m not really doing any joint ventures with anybody right now. That’s not one of the things that I need to look at doing is the traffic thing, right? We’ve talked about that.

That’s a big challenge, but mostly I wanted to talk about just being in the habit of creating and continuing to push forward and to build community. One of the big things that— I don’t even know if I’ve talked about it on the podcast before, but one of the things that I’ve done is on Facebook, I’ve started a new private Facebook group for people that are trying to learn about and gain accountability and find a community of likeminded people who are trying to make their way into the digital marketing world that is called Digital Marketing Mastery.

I don’t have a direct URL for that yet, but I probably should. I’ll have to see what is available there for that. I’m trying to build this community and one of the things that I have been a part of over really the last six months is several different groups that are on Facebook that are doing digital marketing really, really well.

In the community that they have been able to build and the engagement and really even the content that is part of those groups is really just phenomenal. I’m really inspired because I know of other people. I’ve got other friends of mine who are in doing online business and they’ve got bigger groups.

They don’t have nearly the engagement as some of these smaller groups. So I’m really excited. I’ve been learning a lot about that. I hope to ramp up my own group and start doing more Facebook Lives and that kind of stuff in that group and on my page and those kinds of things. We got a lot to learn there.

You can get there actually do have a URL come to think of it. It’s a short link. Its If you would like to get involved and join that group, I would love to have you. We’re talking about all things digital marketing. The thing, the angle with my group is really the tech side of things. What I’m working on, it’s the same thing.

It’s a companion group really, for what we’re doing on this podcast is it’s talking about what works, what’s not working, and how to do a lot of different digital things from a tech perspective and all those kinds of things. I would very much love for you to get involved in that so you can go to that URL and get involved there. But one of the other things too that is one of those pushing outside of your comfort zone kinds of things is working on emails to your list and this is something that I have been getting better at.

I haven’t quite gone all the way to emailing every day like this. Several of the mentors that I follow recommend— I haven’t done that yet because I don’t want to yet bite off something that’s not really sustainable. As I continue to work on my offer, I want to make the offer that I have now better and continue to improve upon other offers as well.

The big challenge really is the habit that it’s forming. With the Facebook group with the daily email list building stuff is all about new habits. That’s where I think a lot of people that are getting started beginners, or people that are just new to digital marketing that are not necessarily beginners online where they struggle is the habits that you need to create, to break into being successful with these things.

Then on the other side, not paying attention to your feedback loop. Right now, everything that I’m learning is all about the feedback loop. You work on something, maybe it’s sending emails or writing emails, right? Because you’re going to send an email, you got to write it unless you can pay to have a writer write it for you. Then that comes with its own challenges, but it’s really about these new habits and then paying attention.

Because I think we get into this mindset, at least I know I have and you don’t really do it actively. It’s one of those things that kind of sneaks in there. You don’t really pay any attention to it until you see it pop up in your world and you’re like, “Man, what in the world am I doing?”

It’s that we expect to have immediate success what the things that we’re learning and then we’re puzzled when we don’t have that success. It’s really kind of odd that at least for me, you may be completely different, but it’s not like this explicit expectation that you have that you’re going to be successful.

It’s just, you kind of think that because you’re doing it and you see other people doing it that it’s going to automatically be successful. That’s kind of crazy because that’s not really even true. I don’t know where we get this idea from. I remember a few years ago, Chris Guillebeau had an article and he called it something like [279] days to overnight success.

It kind of talked about how all the time and effort that he had been putting into working on his business and doing his stuff and then lo and behold, all of a sudden he was viewed as being successful. People forget about all of the time and the years that he spent prior to that honing his craft and becoming a better writer in getting better and doing business online and those kinds of things. I know that expectation has crept into my myself and I’ve had to check myself to be completely honest that I’ve had to go back and re-listen to podcasts with Steve Larson and Russell Brunson and Pat Flynn and hear about how they’ve made mistakes and things that they have done have flopped.

When you think about those big names like that, those people that have been really super successful that are big names in the online world and you hear their stories. You don’t necessarily equate having a flat project with them, but it happens. It was in The One Funnel Away Challenge there was a lesson. It was the first week, day five where he was speaking at the TEDx Growth Con for Grant Cardone and I think it was that episode and he talks about how many times he failed and how many funnels that he had that just didn’t do anything.

It really blew my mind when I thought about it and I actually realized it. I’m like, “Man, this guy had the same challenges, the same problems that I experience and look what he’s done with it.” It just gave a new added dimension to being successful online and what it takes. Steve Larson talked about how it took him upwards of almost 40 different funnels before he had one that worked.

Again, these guys that are incredibly smart, that have been doing this still have episodes or they still have struggles getting— they had their own struggles getting started. For me, in all honesty, that’s really comforting because it means that when I do get a little bit of success like I’m having a little bit of success right now with the WordPress Blueprint funnel and it’s doing better than I expected at this point.

It’s telling me that I’m going down that same path that I am worthy and capable of having the same kind of success in this online marketing thing that they are. Again, it comes back to this idea of iteration that we’re constantly creating and publishing.

We are publishing our podcasts. We’re publishing YouTube videos. We’re publishing Facebook Lives. We’re publishing blog posts, those kinds of things. I’ve been working on all of those things myself. At the beginning, you don’t really necessarily expect to have a great groundswell of traffic that just builds into this big thing. I think in time that it will. The traffic will come.

I’ll get better at doing my thing from a creative perspective when it comes to podcasting. I’ll get better at my YouTube videos. I’ll get better at publishing. I’ll get better at building funnels and creating even better and more valuable offers for my community that I’m working on building.

Anyway, that’s really just what’s on my mind this morning. I want to encourage you, if you’re listening to this that it’s challenging. I think I’ve talked about it before that a lot of times we see what happens from this success side. We see how you this person is having all this success with their funnel or they’ve been able to blow up their email list or they they’ve been able to do something that’s produced some serious results in their lives.

We get discouraged by that because we’re not having that same success. We don’t think about the hard work that goes into creating that amount of creative output. It’s hard. One of the things that you learn in The One Funnel Away Challenges is that this is a roll up your sleeves and get down to work kind of challenge. It’s hard freaking work. You got to be committed to doing it.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got. I just wanted to encourage you with that because if you are struggling with that, if you’re getting started and you’re new to this and you are not seeing the results that you want. Keep working. Keep experimenting. Keep learning new things, and keep working on making all of your stuff better because that’s what I’m doing.

It’s what Russell Brunson did. It’s what Steve Larson did. It’s what Pat Flynn did. It’s what all of the influencers that we look up to and admire have done. We just haven’t always seen the behind the scenes work that goes along with that. That’s what ironically enough that’s what this podcast is meant to be.

This behind the scenes look about what’s working, what’s not working, what I’m doing, and what I’m working on. I hope that encourages you. I hope that you find something that’s useful in that. If you like this podcast, I would really love it if you would subscribe on iTunes. We’re also available on Spotify and a couple other places where you can normally get podcasts and give me a rating.

Give me a thumbs up. Let me know how I’m doing. Go to my blog at and leave a comment on the post where this podcast is going to live. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on this stuff as well.

Then you can also go to my YouTube channel if you go to RobOrr.TV that will take you through to my YouTube channel and you can see the YouTube videos that I’ve been working on there.

Like I said, hope that helps. I hope that everything is going well for you and that it’s going to be a great week. You will be successful and have some win so until next time. Take care and we’ll talk soon.

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