WordPress Website Checklist – A Complete Guide (coming soon)

The things you need to do to get started with WordPress the right way

Getting started with WordPress can be daunting. I get it.

I remember the first time I saw WordPress. My initial thought was, “Wow – this is so cool!”

WordPress could do all the work for me and I could focus on creating my content – posting pictures, writing posts, creating pages – all of it was super easy.

I wanted to create a simple site for my family to share pictures of our baby girl. I was just getting serious about learning web development and I thought, “what could be a better way to learn all this stuff than to create a site about my family”?

This was in the early days of WordPress. I think it was version 2.5.

I’d spent a lot of time up to this point learning the ins and outs of coding. I’d seen what people were doing online and I wanted to get involved and see what I could do, so I figured the natural next step was to dig in and roll up my sleeves and learn how to build a website.

People were doing all kinds of cool stuff online, not the least of which was make money.

I knew what I wanted to create, but in reality, I struggled to built it. I didn’t know what steps to take, what I needed to do, where I needed to go, or how to anything with WordPress.

Up until this point, everything I built was custom HTML and CSS code.

It was a slow, labor-intensive process, to say the least. If I was going to get anywhere I needed to speed up the process.

The problem was there weren’t many people using WordPress at that time. I didn’t know where to look to find the steps I needed to take, or what I needed to do to get my website where I wanted to be.

Over time I figured things out by sheer determination and willpower.

Not the most glorious or comfortable way to learn things.

After talking with a lot of people who had the same mind-rattling frustrations and struggles I had early on, I created a plan to write a guide that would help people get up to speed – fast – how to build a rock-solid WordPress site so they could focus on getting up and running fast.

On average a WordPress site built for you can run anywhere from $300 on the low end to many thousands on the high-end.

Not everyone needs, or can afford, that kind of expense.

But I wanted to help people catch that excitement I caught back when I was getting started.

That thrill that comes with the feelings of what’s possible with this new opportunity.

You know the feeling I’m talking about, right?

So I’ve created a complete guide to building your own self-hosted WordPress site, and it’s coming soon. What took me months and years to figure out – the things that work, and the things that don’t – is distilled into this guide that will be available free.

We all want to be able to focus on charting our own path and shipping our own art and getting engaged in our goals and dreams. None of us want to be bogged down with the technical details that can so quickly rob us of that excitement and motivation.

So stay tuned. I’ll be releasing the guide soon!



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