Your First Efforts Are Gonna Suck. Here’s What You Do To Fix It

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 32

For some reason, we expect that things should “just work” when we’re getting started. That somehow the magical blog fairy will smile down on us and bless us with traffic. And we’re surprised when we publish our stuff but the world doesn’t come and start beating down our door for more content! The bottom line is that in most instances, the stuff you start with is going to suck. Sorry, not sorry. But it’s the truth.

So instead of getting offended or discouraged, in today’s episode, I’m going to give you the secret to overcoming your early content woes, and how to do it. (BTW – I say this in full acknowledgment that my first efforts sucked too, so I’m not playing favorites here!)

Time To Have a Little Talk

Hey, everybody, welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. My name is Rob Orr, and I’m your host. Today, I want to talk about something that seems to be a common theme that I think is a problem for a lot of people getting started.

I want to get into this a little bit as one who’s been through it and continues to go through it as I learn new things. I’m sure if you’re just getting started or if you are trying to get started or even if you started on something a long time ago, you’ll be able to resonate with this.

The issue is this. What I see in a lot of conversations that I’ve been a part of lately, questions that I get is expecting immediate results once you start your blog. I get that because I remember back when I first started my blog, I was so excited about getting started.

Buckle Your Seatbelt – Here Comes The Truth

I was really fired up about what I was going to be able to do, attracting an audience and building a list and all those kinds of things. One thing that never really dawned on me was that the first many times that I posted anything, it sucked. It was awful.

I look back at some of the early posts that I did on my blog and I cringe. Now, I’ve gone through and cleaned out a lot of stuff that wasn’t relevant or was outdated. It didn’t make any sense, but some of those old posts are still there because they still are relevant to some things.

It’s embarrassing to look back at some of those posts because those posts are just not very good. The image isn’t good. The headline isn’t good. The post itself isn’t good.

The thing is though, I expected it to be good. I expected to be able to be publishing stuff that was going to look awesome and read awesome and drive all this traffic. It’s really kind of silly when you think about it so I’ve been using this analogy lately.

Practice Makes Perfect

Say you wanted to learn how to play guitar so, do you immediately pick up a guitar and then just think that you’re going to start belting out these amazing tunes that maybe you are sounding like Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin or you are like Andre Segovia and are able to play these amazing flamenco pieces that are just beautiful pieces of music.

You think about that and you go, “Man, that’s absurd.” You think that rightly so because you don’t even really know how to hold the guitar when you first pick one up. It could be like a sports analogy. Say you wanted to be a gymnast.

You got to learn how to do all of the fundamental things in order to perform those magnificent and graceful moves that professional gymnast are able to perform. What we see like when we watch the Olympics or we watch it gymnastics competition and those amazing floor exercises or the uneven bars or the balance beam—I can’t remember what it’s called right now, but what we see there is the finished product, right?

We see what they’ve been working on for years. We see the product of their diet. We see the product of their practice regimen. We see the result of the thousands and thousands of times that they’ve fallen down and fallen off or the injuries they’ve sustained from those kinds of things.

Same thing goes for guitar. When you hear a recording of a competent guitarist, you hear the finished result that is the result of years of practice in learning scales, in learning chord changes, in learning modes and learning different picking styles and all those kinds of things.

Why Would You Think It’s Easy?

You don’t immediately pick up something like that and then expect to do amazing things with it. Why would it be that when you start a new website that you immediately expect to have these kinds of grand victories with your posts?

Now, granted, I mean maybe you are a writer in a previous life. So you spend a lot of time writing. You know the ins and outs. It may be reasonable to assume that you would have some faster victories, but you still have to get used to the whole concept of content creation.

That’s really my thing  — when you’re first getting started, and I’ve told this to several people lately, it’s just so important that you practice. That you practice publishing. That you practice writing. That you practice recording your podcast. That you practice doing your YouTube videos.

That you practice your social media approach. The whole thing about this is for you to get comfortable with finding your voice and being able to tell your story. That’s what it’s all about in those early days. You should always be searching and seeking to get better, but your initial work is just, it’s not going to be great.

Your Content Sucks – Deal With It

It kind of sucks to hear that. It can be discouraging and I get that. It was for me and when I think about when I start new ventures, but all that does for me really is, it makes me realize that I need to accelerate my practice so I can hopefully accelerate my results.

That’s why I have been dedicated to creating content almost every day. There are times that I’m not creating content, I’m editing content. I’ve started creating YouTube videos, if I don’t record a podcast on one day, it’s usually because I’ve recorded a video. I’m in the process of trying to get that edited so I can publish it.

Go Practice

This is the thing that I want you to learn is and I talked about this on a podcast, I think a week or two back that don’t get focused on the wrong things. Focus on practicing, focus on writing, focus on just cranking out content.

I originally learned and I learned this a long time ago, but when I did the One Funnel Away Challenge with Russell Brunson, it clicked for me. It was just one of those things you go, “I get it. I understand now.”

The whole thing was about how that part of the challenges that you’re going to publish every single day for 365 days. And then at the end of the year, you’re going to see enormous results. That was the challenge and the promise that he’s laid down.

That’s when it kind of clicked for me. That’s what I’ve been working on myself is doing this daily publication thing. It makes perfect sense because if you want to be a great guitar player, it takes time every day that you need to practice. You have to spend time with your instrument, refining your craft. You have to spend time learning the techniques.

When it comes to being a gymnast, the same thing applies, right? You have to spend time learning and stretching and understanding the moves and building up the muscle and the core strength just to be able to hang on to those bars sometimes.

You have to put all these fundamental steps and in order to produce the result that you want to see. Creating content and building a website and building an online business is no different at all.

Seven Pillars Of Digital Marketing

I’m in the process of refining stuff that I’ve got. I talked yesterday about the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing that I’m working on and my website content blueprint book and things that I’m working on which are all refinements of things that I have been working on for a while now.

My whole thing is to continue to work to get better, to try to improve and be better than I was yesterday, right? I’m not trying to be Russell Brunson tomorrow or Pat Flynn tomorrow.  I know that’s not going to happen. I think with the appropriate practice and the appropriate refinement and growth that I can build success in digital marketing for myself.

That’s my whole objective is to really get good at this. To work on building an audience, to work on building my list, to work on communicating with my list. All of those kinds of things.

That was really the lesson that I wanted to teach you guys today. Because I want you to dig to practicing your podcast, practicing your publishing, practicing your social media, practice. Just do something every single day and don’t let up.

Call Yourself To A Higher Standard

Keep the pressure on yourself to put something out there even when it sucks because when you look back on it, a year later or two years later or however long, you can see how far you’ve come. Then those that are part of your audience that are learning from you and are looking up to you as an opinion leader will see, “Hey look, he was human one time too or she was human one time too.”

Just A Couple Steps Ahead

I can look back and I can see all these early things that were not great. It gives them something to relate to as far as a jumping-off point it goes. I know for me one of the big things is I look up to people like Steven Larson and Russell Brunson and Amy Porterfield and Rick Mulready.

All of those people have had tremendous success in their business, but there’s only so much that I can relate to when it comes to their business. They are all earning hundreds of thousands of dollars and are probably all seven eight-figure businesses. I can’t relate to that. I don’t have an eight-figure business.

I’m nowhere near there, but what I can really to is Steven’s early videos when he was first getting started and talking about his goals for what he wanted to earn in a year and starting from scratch and being in the same boat that I’m in and doing the same kinds of things that I’m trying to do.

I can go back and kind of walk side by side with him as I listened to his podcast and look at his videos and those things and I can relate to those things. I think maybe you’re like that, too.

Find An Inspiration You Can Relate To

I think that maybe you can relate to that a little bit better. Pat Flynn, who I think is even stopped doing his income reports because the income reports weren’t as related as they once were – the money that was coming in was so astronomical and it didn’t really make sense for what he was doing as a business. I couldn’t relate to what he was doing anymore.

I think a lot of people are that way. So, finding somebody who may be just one or two steps further down the road is inspirational. It helps you to see that there is something that you can do to take that next step.

It makes the next step look a lot smaller. It makes the next step make look a lot more achievable so that you can get it in your mind that you’re able to be able to do that next thing. Does that make sense?

That’s what this podcast is all about. That’s why I’m documenting my journey as I make this adventure into this digital marketing world. That’s what the podcast is all about.

That’s what the YouTube channel is all about. I invite you to come along with me and subscribe. The podcast is available in all the places you can get it. You can find it on iTunes. You can find it on Spotify.

I invite you to go to and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I’m doing some more in-depth stuff and teaching some more in-depth concepts over there.

Documenting And Describing The Online Business Process

As I said, I’m just a guy who is trying to document what’s going on, what I’m working on, what’s not working, those kinds of things and help you as much as I can along the way where it can help.

To that end, I want to announce and I think I talked about this a little bit yesterday, but there’s a Black Friday special coming up that is going to be I think pretty awesome.

I’ve got a limited number of slots for one special thing that I’m not quite ready to roll out yet. I’ll have to tell you more about that later as we get a little further into the week.

It’s going to be awesome. I think the deal is going to be good. The offer is going to be good. It’s just basically we’re going to get you all of the resources that you need and some more stuff to really make something awesome for you to help you along the way with some of the stuff that we’ve been working on over the last couple months.

Anyway, that’s just kind of a teaser for what’s coming. Make sure if you’re not on my list and you’re listening to this podcast, make sure you go and pick up something— one of the offers that I’ve got. You can go get a free copy of The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint book at and get on the list because I’m going to announce it to the list.

I’ll announce it also on this podcast, but I don’t know that I’m going to talk about it anywhere else. I may put it out on social, put it in our Facebook group and those kinds of things. I’m not sure. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that yet. The Black Friday special is going to be awesome.

I hope that you will jump on board with that. Like I said, for one particular piece of this offer, there’s going to be a very limited number of slots available. Make sure that you keep an eye out for that and it will roll until probably Monday.

Anyway, just a little bit of a teaser about what’s coming there. Otherwise, I hope you guys are doing great. I hope that you are having a great week and getting ready for Thanksgiving. That you get some awesome turkey time with your family and friends and enjoy this fall season and really have a great time this week.

Thanks, everybody for listening. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll talk soon. Until then, bye.

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