You’re hemorrhaging traffic and you don’t even know it!

Who likes losing traffic?

Let me ask this: do you know what happens to your traffic when they bounce from your funnel landing page?

What happens when your visitors don’t take the next step and engage?

You’ve done all that work to get them there.

You’ve spent the money on the ads.

You spent the time and effort on the ad copy to get it just right.

You put in the sweat equity to build a great offer and a fantastic looking funnel, just oozing with value.

But after you’ve done all this work to win the attention of your visitor, they bounce and head out to the Google to see what you’re really all about.

They’re interested, but not ready to pull the trigger quite yet.

So they search your offer or your name, and what do they get?





Google doesn’t even have anything about you, your business, or your offer on the first page, much less in the top two or three listings which is where virtually all the traffic goes.

So your visitor vanishes into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again, as they go and find a different answer to their questions and find someone else to buy from.

That potential customer you spent all that time, effort and money to hook and draw in to your funnel is gone.

How many potential customers and leads are you losing?

How much revenue are you leaving on the table because your potential customers can’t find you outside of your funnel?

That’s serious stuff right there – questions that have to be answered!

I’ve been working for the longest time with creators – online entrepreneurs, bloggers, digital marketers and more.

The solution to this issue is all about building what I call a Platform Funnel. 

What a lot of the successful funnel hackers and digital marketers didn’t even know is that they were hemorrhaging leads, potential clients, and sales and they never even knew about them!

They were lost in the numbers – conversion rates, opt-ins, bounces and more.

For most, it was all chalked up to variables beyond their control. After all, we all know not everyone is gonna buy; sometimes you just aren’t going to be able to get that person on your hook.

But what they didn’t know was that the hook was already partially set, but they weren’t able to reel them in!

They didn’t know that they could recover huge amounts of those lost leads and sales by building a platform funnel.

But Steve Larsen figured it out.

So did Michael Hyatt.

So did Russell Brunson.

So did Pat Flynn and Garrett White.

And so did several others.

A shadow funnel is what you get when someone leaves your squeeze page, landing page, or sales page, and then goes out to other places to learn more.

It’s not that they’re not interested. They’re just not interested enough yet.

In fact, as Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera pointed out at Funnel Hacking Live in Nashville, this is where the majority of traffic goes – somewhere else.

They go search your name.

They search your product.

They want to know who you are, what you do, and why they should trust you.

They want to know your background.

And these are all legitimate questions that should be answered, and when you’re building a regular funnel you don’t really get a lot of opportunities to answer these; your content is (appropriately) focused on the offer.

But what happens to the rest? That could be 90% or more of your traffic!

They’re looking for credibility.

They’re looking for opinions of their peers and friends.

They’re looking for reviews and testimonials.

And at this point they’re not buying.

So what’s next?

What these guys figured out was that the traffic that was leaking out of their funnels was running to Google to find out who they were and learn more about them before they decided to opt-in or buy.

So they created a funnel hub, or what I’m calling the Platform Funnel, that was there ready and waiting for those people to find exactly what they were looking for.

And it’s a very carefully constructed piece of internet real estate that does its job really really well.

A Platform Funnel does the following:

  • Establishes your credibility
  • Demonstrates your results
  • Speaks to your authority and reputation

To the haters & naysayers:

You may be thinking, “I’ve heard all this before, you’re just talking about blogging.”

Or maybe you’re thinking “I can’t do this!”

Or even “I don’t need this!”

I can guarantee you – unless you enjoy losing out on sales and spending more on ads than you should – you absolutely need a Platform Funnel if you want to be successful online.

As digital marketers and online entrepreneurs we fight, scratch and claw for every single visitor we can get to our website – why would we just let them go and vanish into the internet vapor to just go watch another cat video?!?

No – we need to fight scratch and claw to put the information our target audience and ideal clients are looking for and we can do that with a Platform Funnel.

You can recapture that traffic you’re losing from your funnel – those people don’t have to be gone forever!

You can validate their concerns, demonstrate your capabilities, tell your “hero’s journey”, your epiphany, and build tons of goodwill in your audience when you build your Platform Funnel correctly.

And you can get them back in to your sales funnel so you can serve them better with the products and services you offer because you care enough to do the hard work of building the know, like, and trust factor with them.

The longer you wait to do this, the more traffic and sales you’re going to lose.

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